Should You Hire a Live in or Live out Nanny?

Published on September 13, 2019

Need a nanny? Should you hire a live in or live out nanny? Here are some things to consider so you can weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of different types of nanny. Click To TweetAre you thinking of hiring a nanny? There are many things to consider. You want to ensure you hire a nanny that’s good for your child(ren) and your own peace of mind.

One of the most common questions is whether to hire a live in or a live out nanny. This depends on exactly what you need for your family, the level of flexibility and care, and your daily and weekly routines.

To help with your decision, we’ve laid out all the different aspects on hiring either a live in nanny or live out nanny.

What is a live-in and a live-out nanny?

A live in nanny:  A nanny who lives in the property or on the property grounds (perhaps a separate annex or building). They will typically be given additional packages on top of salary such as access to a car, a portion of their food being covered (when on duty at the very least) and other perks such as all their bills being covered.
A live out nanny:  The nanny will live in their own home, which will be a commutable distance away from the property in which they work (depending on the role).  They will most likely have their own transport, and will not expect travel expenses or food to be covered.

What to consider when hiring a live-in, live-out nanny

Advantages of a Live in Nanny

  1. Flexibility. Having a live in nanny on site gives you flexibility if for example you are caught late at work and need someone to babysit. But remember, although your nanny lives on site, you must respect their privacy and down time (unless they are on a 24 hour contract and on call), so you shouldn’t abuse this position.
  2. No commute. Having a live in nanny means they should always be on time and won’t get stuck in traffic getting to work.
  3. Save costs. You can save a bit of money by offering accommodation as a perk. Remember though that you still need to offer the market rate for live in nannies and can’t just take out accommodation costs from the salary.
  4. Good for emergencies. A live in nanny is always on hand to be called upon in the event of an emergency.
  5. Additional care of the property. A live in nanny can help look after your home and any pets whenever you go away. Do make sure this is agreed upon when hiring.

Disadvantages of a Live in Nanny

  1. Space requirements. Having a live in nanny means you have to provide them with private living space. That space cannot be used by the family. Once the nanny lives in the room or area, their privacy must be respected.
  2. Extra expenses. You might incur additional costs with a live in nanny such as electricity, water, food, transport. You should factor this into your budget.
  3. Less Privacy. If you live in a smaller property, then the nanny might have to share your kitchen or other communal spaces, which might encroach on your privacy.

Advantages of a Live out Nanny

  1. No extra costs. You don’t have to provide any extras such as accommodation, transport or food.
  2. Complete privacy. When the nanny finishes work you and your family know you won’t be disturbed.
  3. Pay for fewer hours work. You may not need a full time nanny so you can save costs by setting part time hours.
  4. Local knowledge. A live out nanny that lives in your area usually has access to local groups and networks with other nannies so she will know of suitable activities for your children.

Disadvantages of a Live out Nanny

  1. Commuting. If your nanny gets stuck in traffic or is late for work it can impact your own work or schedule.
  2. Costs. You must pay the full market rate with no reduction for taking into account additional package such as accommodation being offered. A reduction of the market rate might mean that your nannies move on too frequently as they have received higher offers.
  3. Less Flexibility. It may be that a live out nanny offers you slightly less flexibility, as if you need them to start a little earlier than expected they would be unlikely to get to work in time (at late notice), but typically a live out nanny is very flexible as ultimately families need nannies to be flexible!

Which one is suitable for you?

Think about your own family situation. Do you have enough space to offer accommodation to a live in nanny?  Do you need the highest level of flexibility?  All these things, outlined in the advantages and disadvantages above can affect your choice. For complete peace of mind, you want to have a nanny that ticks all the boxes – keeping your child(ren) safe, but also making your life easier – that’s the very reason you need to a hire a nanny after all.

How Polo & Tweed can help

Polo & Tweed work with clients all around the world, sourcing and placing the best nanny for each family. Whether you are looking for a live in or a live out nanny, and whatever specifics you require, we can help you find the perfect match!  Let us help you find a live in or live out nanny. Get in touch with us here.

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