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Published on July 6, 2020

Have you been considering to hire a live-in Housekeeper, but aren’t sure if it would really be worth it? And whether it would fit in with your family? What do they do, what is a day in the life of a live in Housekeeper, and why are they such a popular option for so many households?

Here is an overview of a typical day in the life of a live in Housekeeper.

Wake Up

Because the live in Housekeeper is, as the name suggests, living with the family, a morning can start quite early. Normally the Housekeeper will match their morning routine with the family they are working for, and their routine. So that can be as early as 5am in some cases. But usually, they would wake up anywhere between 6am-8am. If the Housekeeper is also in charge of helping out with the children, that will be the first focus. They will get the children ready for school on time.

If there are no children, the Housekeeper will make sure that the kitchen and breakfast room are clean and ready to be used. If the Housekeeper is working weekends, their wake-up time may be slightly later. Again, depending on the routine of the family and household! Often the Housekeepers day starts even before the family’s, as they need to make sure breakfast is prepared and that they are ready for the day.

Morning Routine

In a day in the life of a live in Housekeeper, mornings consist of making sure the morning runs as smoothly as possible for the household they are working for. There might be bits from the night before, from dinner or evening drinks, that need clearing away. If childcare is part of their routine, they will wake the children up on time. They will organise the kitchen and breakfast area, prepare breakfast for the household, and feeding or helping younger children with their food. Organising outfits for the day depending on daily activities. Ensuring all children are washed, dressed, and ready for the day. The Housekeeper could also pack any bags, check the daily schedule, and be ready for the day ahead.

School & Nursery Drop Off

When working in a household with children, it is fairly common for the live in Housekeeper to help with the school run. Tasks will depend on the ages of the children, and whether one of the parents might be helping. But the live in Housekeeper may have multiple drop-offs to do each morning.

Tidy Up from the Morning Routine

Often mornings can be hectic, in any household. The main task of the live in Housekeeper is to keep organisation and cleanliness all throughout the morning.  However busy this may be. A tidy house will really help in morning routines. So that you always feel like your morning has gotten off to a calm and organised start, ready for your day! The live in Housekeeper will firstly make sure that all breakfast items have been cleared away. As well as ensuring the bedrooms are in order. Beds will be made, rooms aired out. The more focused cleaning will come later in the day.

Daily Activities

A day in the life of a life in Housekeeper can include a variety of different activities, which may change from day to day. If the live in Housekeeper helps with the children at home, they will make sure that activities are in place including trips to the park, or helping with homework. They will, however, do this whilst staying focused on the housekeeping at hand. A live in Housekeeper will have an overview of all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that need to be done. This can differ from the daily routine of keeping al rooms tidy and bathrooms cleaned. To deep cleaning of certain areas, shopping for the household, food prep, and cooking.

Evening Routine

If the live in Housekeeper is helping out with children, then lots of the evening routine will be focused on this. They would help with bathing the children, reading to them and getting them into bed. They might also help with food prep for the evening dinner, or evening cooking it. Depending on what time the Housekeeper finishes work for the day, they might clean up the kitchen and dining room after dinner too. Otherwise, this will be part of their morning routine.

The live in Housekeeper will also make sure that the house is ready and prepped for the next morning For example: laying out clothes for the next day and packing school bags for the children. Or prepping breakfast food and setting up the breakfast and kitchen area for the next morning. So that it can start all over again the next day!

So that is a typical day in the life of a live in Housekeeper! If you are looking for a live in Housekeeper to help make your family life and routine run more smoothly we would be delighted to assist. Our highy experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate.  Get in touch with us here or give us a call on +44(0)203 858 0233


  1. Linda Houssiere says:

    we are a childless couple who work full time as attorneys. we want someone Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. cook breakfast and dinners. 2 story house. Master bedroom and living rooms downstairs. extra bedrooms ipstairs and less cleaning required. Some errands. we like a gracious elegantly run home.

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