How to Write a House Manager Job Description


Published on October 30, 2019

You have decided that you need to hire a House Manager but aren’t sure where to start on writing a job description. Polo & Tweed can help by writing a job description for you and sharing it to all of the amazing candidates on our books!  If you decide to write your own – here are our handy tips on how to write a house manager job description.

Read on to hear the industry secrets!

Job Title

When writing a house manager job description, first you will need to start with the job title.  Make sure this is specific so that potential candidates can quickly see if it is a role that interests them. For example: Part Time House Manager, Live-in House Manager.


Summarise the role before getting into the detail of the day to day tasks.  Make sure potential candidates get a good idea of the main points about the role without having to read all of the detail. If they are interested they will continue on to read the finer details. Start with an attention-grabbing summary.  This should provide an overview of the role.  Key qualifications should be listed here.  A perfect house manager job introduction will allow prospective candidates to quickly see if it’s the right job for them.


Here you will need to outline the core duties and overall responsibilities of the House Manager. The easiest and clearest way of doing this is to write a bullet pointed list of the duties they will be expected to do.  Highlight the day-to-day duties, and duties which may be ad-hoc or once a week. This can give candidates a good feel of what they will be doing on a daily basis so they can decide if they think they are experienced enough.  They can decide if it would be a role that they would enjoy.  This helps you attract the best candidates for the House Manager position.

You can also include details of who they will be working with.  Will they be part of a team, in charge of the team, or working on their own? Are they responsible for overseeing other staff and planning their day-to-day tasks as well as their own? It may be useful to add information about other staff in your household to give them a better idea of their responsibilities. For example, “we have a full-time chef, so the House Manager is not expected to do any cooking” or “we have a part-time Housekeeper”.  This can help give a really good idea of the role, as House Manager roles can vary from family to family.

When writing the house manager job description, the duties play an important role – to match the perfect candidate to your needs and expectations.  Ensure the job description has all the detail you need – but don’t overwhelm with too much!

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Are there any special skills or specific qualifications that you are looking for in your House Manager? Does the candidate have a Driving Licence?  The House Manager would be expected to run errands and may have other driving duties as well.  In this case you should be very clear that the candidate must have a driving licence to apply for the role.  The job description should clearly identify any specific or unusual skill set required.

You can also include any relevant qualifications which you would like them to have.  Some House Managers have done our Training Course, but others may just have great experience! Specify if you are looking for someone with years of experience. Or are you happy to hire someone who is a more entry-level House Manager. Do they need to be a confident cook? Or have experience in working for families who have pets or children?

You may be looking for a House Manager who can speak a specific language – for example: “Fluent English is a must, and if you can speak French too this would be highly beneficial”.

You can also include a list of soft skills and personality traits which would be favourable. Would you like someone who has a keen eye for detail and is super-organised? Maybe they need to be extremely professional and discreet at all times? The characteristics you look for in a candidate are very specific to your own household and family and the type of House Manager which would work for you.

Consider Carefully What You Need

Make sure you consider which qualifications, skills and experiences are a necessity and which are just desirable.  Including too many essential qualifications and skills could dissuade potential candidates!  Keep the house manager job description concise and clear – it will be easier for any prospective employees to read.

Make sure you include that the potential house manager has the legal right to work in your country – in the UK you can check this handy website!

How can we help?

At Polo & Tweed we can help you write a house manager job description which will catch the eye of many great candidates and save you the trouble of writing it yourself – please do get in touch to discuss your House Manager requirements with us.

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