How Often Should A Gardener Work?


Published on December 26, 2020

Do you know how often a gardener should work? if you are looking to hire a new gardener for your outside space. It might be difficult for you to judge how often your gardener should come to work for you. It can depend on quite a few factors, which we have broken down for you below.

Size of Your Garden

This is a relatively straight forward factor when you are looking at how often your gardener should work. Even though many other factors can make a difference – the size of your garden is definitely one of the first deciding factors.

If you have a large plot of land that you want your gardener to maintain and upkeep, you might need them to come in a bit more regularly than if you have a small patio, for example.

There is only so much your gardener will be able to do in a day. So if you know that they really would not be able to finish the work you want in one day, make sure you have maybe several slightly shorter shifts for your gardener to do. They will be able to stay fitter and active if they do not have to do a heavy 10-hour shift, for example. And they can spread the workload to get more gardening work in.

The Type of Work

What are you looking for your gardener to do? If you are looking for a gardener to come in and plant new flowers and shrubs, you might be ok with them to come in temporarily until the work is done.

Perhaps you want a gardener to redesign and landscape your garden. Which again can be temporary work. So then you might have your gardener come in full time for a couple of weeks until the work is done. If there is still outstanding work left to do, but you do not need any small maintenance help. Then having your gardener in once a month could be plenty.

However, if you like your gardener to stay actively involved with all the maintenance and updates of the outside space you have. Then make sure your gardener has a regular slot coming to you. Once a week might be plenty. But you might want to increase this to twice a week in busy times such as spring and autumn. These are the busiest times when seeds need to be planted, or when there is lots of end of summer maintenance. To keep your garden healthy and ready for winter!

How Active A Gardener Are You?

Some people love working in their own garden, some people really don’t want to – or simply can’t. There are many reasons to hire a gardener. But especially if you really take pride in your outside space, but you cannot maintain it yourself. They have a gardener come in regularly, is crucial.

If it is maintenance that you want your gardener to do – and you are unable to do anything yourself. Then normally around once a week would be good enough.

Having said that, coming back to the first point. If you have a sizeable piece of land or estate, you might need a gardener comen in more often. A full-time gardener, who would work around 5 days a week, are particularly popular for large estates.

Another option to consider is hiring a second gardener. If you know your gardener needs to do a lot of heavy work and operating machinery, for example. Then having a second gardener can really make an enormous difference in levels of productivity.

Hiring a second gardener is also a great idea if you do not like having people come to your property and land often. If you have two gardeners working together at the same time – they will be able to get all the work done a lot quicker. So whereas you might have needed one gardener twice or three times a week. When there are two working together, they will probably get all the work done together in one day!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help

Are you ready to hire a new gardener for your home or outside space? It might be difficult to decide by yourself exactly what type of gardener you need. And what the exact job spec should be. But do not worry, Polo & Tweed can help! We know how important it is to have a clear job spec before you start your gardener search. It will save you so much time – and money! So why not let our highly experienced recruitment consultants take over the process for you. We will be able to understand the scope of the work. And create a suited job spec accordingly. Including how many hours a gardener should be working for you! Why not give us a call now, and we look forward to helping you!

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