5 Ways to Spend A Day with Your Own Personal Butler


Published on October 12, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a butler?

Here’s your chance to find out!

Polo & Tweed are delighted to announce that from September 2016 we will be partnering with Red Letter Days and offering the chance to hire your very own personal Butler for the day! The perfect gift for your loved ones (or of course yourself!)

If you’re going to hire a butler for a day be sure to get the most of your experience.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for what to do with your Butler for a day

1. Throw a dinner party

A dinner party is a great opportunity to put your new Butler to work and impress your guests.  Your personal Butler will greet your guests, offer them refreshments on arrival and arrange the service from the kitchen to the guests.  They are then on hand to offer any wine service and additional food/beverage services throughout the evening.

2. Go shopping

Your chosen Butler (you can specify chauffeur skills required if you desire) can act as your personal chauffeur, driving you from door to door, waiting outside the shops and then taking you along to any other appointments or meetings you have.

Ever wondered how a celebrity looks so perfect when out and about?  This is the key – having the personal Butler chauffeur bringing you in a beautiful air conditioned car to each appointment.  You can wear killer heels and look unruffled and flawless as you walk into the shop!  If you have more room in the budget, you can go the extra mile and rent a Bentley for the day to complete the experience.

3. Learn about Silver Service

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about?  Or do you crave to have the true etiquette and and class of a Quintessentially British lady or gentleman?  Get your personal Butler to teach you the art of Silver Service, how you should behave, what type of service should be expected and all the etiquette and forms of address.  Especially if the Queen is going to visit, you need to know how to address her…!

4. Walk the dog

Perhaps you just want to take a break.  Ask your Butler to complete all the daily tasks on your behalf.  They can walk your dog, pick up your laundry or run to the shops to get your favourite food.  Your Butler is your ultimate accessory and it will give you the opportunity to catch up on connecting with family and friends which have all been put on the ‘to do’ list.

5. Relax!

Put your feet up and ask your Butler to wait on you hand and foot during the day.  From answering the door, bringing you your mobile on a silver tray, preparing you lunch (yes some Butlers cook!) and just being at your beck and call.  It’s utter luxury and utter decadence.


So what are you waiting for?  Experience how the other half life and book your very own Butler for the day.  Gift experiences are available year round and focused in the London area.  For outside of London additional rates will apply.  Go on, treat yourself – you know you want to!

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