How A Housekeeper Can Help With Allergies


Published on June 27, 2020

Allergies can be a terrible thing to live with, and when not dealt with properly, can have a real negative impact on your life. Making sure you have the right medications if needs be, is one thing. But especially when looking at pet, dust, and mite allergies, keeping your house extremely clean can be of great importance. Do you know how a housekeeper can help with allergies? With all their knowledge, skills, and hard work, it can make a real difference for your house, and for you to breathe freely!

So how can a housekeeper help with allergies?

Deep Cleaning

Housekeepers are excellent in organising deep cleaning when your house needs it. The day to day upkeep is important, but to get a truly deep clean is extremely important when you are suffering from allergies.

The great thing about a housekeeper is that they will keep track of exactly when things need to have a deep clean, and how often. They will know what has been done and how long ago. Your bathroom, for example, needs a lot more work and deep cleaning than maybe a dining room. Depending on your allergies, you might need your bedroom deep cleaned more often. And a housekeeper can very well help with that, to make sure everything doesn’t just stay clean, but deeply clean.

Cleaning with pets

A great way how a housekeeper can help with allergies is their knowledge of how to clean houses with animals. Pets are lovely and amazing to have as part of your family. But if you are an allergy sufferer, chances are you will find yourself nonstop Hoovering and mopping up pet hairs. It is really not easy to keep your house clean with pets. Knowing how to get hairs out of carpets and furniture requires real knowledge and skills. Let alone stain removal on difficult surfaces, without damaging anything.

Your housekeeper will know exactly what to do, and what products to use. The last thing you want is for your beautiful furniture to get damaged because you are trying to clean pet hairs off of it! Leave it to the professionals to worry about. Because with a housekeeper, they will be so on top of all teh cleaning tasks, that you won’t even believe your pets are actually living in the house with you!

Using The Right Products

Allergies can be sparked by all sorts of different things. And using the right cleaning products and equipment can really make a difference. Not only in how clean your house will actually get. But also in what type of chemicals you might be using in your house.

Your housekeeper is extremely knowledgeable about different types of cleaning products, they will have seen and used them all! They will know exactly what cleaning products are most effective – and also what suits you and your allergies best.

You might be surprised to find out how many harmful chemicals normal shop-bought cleaning products contain. This not only can affect you, your family, and pets but also the environment. Your housekeeper can guide you in making the best decisions about what housekeeping products to use, where you can actually use completely natural alternatives and maybe some eco and allergy-friendly specific products too.

When it comes to cleaning equipment. This is again really where your housekeeper can help with allergies. To really tackle those allergies it is vital to have the right cleaning equipment, especially for picking up all the hairs, dust and anything else you can think of that can set off allergies. Your housekeeper will not only be able to advise you and which equipment is the best to get, but will also make sure to keep filters clean, up to date and monitor all the equipment when anything needs changing!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you now see how a housekeeper can help with allergies? Why not start the search for your own housekeeper today!  Polo & Tweed have an outstanding selection of excellent housekeepers in the database – ready to come work for you and see a difference in the allergies you experience on a daily! To find out more about how the process works and how to find a new housekeeper for your household, do contact us here now and we look forward to speaking to you!


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