The Five Advantages of Hiring a Holiday Nanny

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Published on June 27, 2019

Holidays and vacations are fun!  It’s a great time for families to relax and for children to enjoy time away from the daily routine.  However as every family knows, sometimes a holiday turns more into childcare management. With parents often having to compromise their own enjoyment for the safety and well being of their children – this is of course understandable, but there is now a solution to ensure you have a perfect holiday! Why not consider hiring a holiday nanny? There are really great advantages to it, and you will be able to enjoy your holiday much better.

 These are the five advantages of hiring a holiday nanny.

1. Safety and Security

The first advantage of hiring a holiday nanny is an important one: safety. Every parent wants to be able to fully relax and enjoy their holiday.  For safety, parents never leave their children unattended. Even in a locked hotel room! So often evening activities can become limited if the children have early bedtimes. An advantage of hiring a dedicated holiday nanny will mean that the parents can go out in the evening to relax and socialise. Or even just to use the spa facilities – knowing that someone is watching over their children.  This gives great benefits to both sides. The children are always safe. And the parents can relax and let their hair down.

2. Specialised Skills

Perhaps you are going to be at sea, or perhaps you are going skiing.  Your holiday nanny can have specific skills in addition from their professional childcare experience.  They might be able to ski, they may be strong horse riders. Or they might even be able to speak a foreign language.  These additional skills are very handy for a family who need an extra pair of hands. Or translation to the local language.  It can make holidays much easier knowing that your children are being cared for by a specialist nanny.

3. Flexibility

Many hotels, resorts, and holiday destinations offer some form of childcare. But they are typically not very flexible.  This may mean that you have to compromise on what you actually want to do each day. And this can cause disappointment for the parents.  Hiring a holiday nanny gives you complete flexibility. As you can ask them to work the days or nights around your own timetable.  Professional holiday nannies can also do overnight proxy-parenting meaning you could even do a trip within a trip!  This wonderful flexibility, by hiring a holiday nanny, is worth every penny.

4. It’s Not As Expensive As you Might Think

Some families might think that hiring a holiday nanny is an expensive added expense. However, the costs of most holidays are typically high. So even with families on a budget, the precious time that you will have to enjoy as a family is worth every penny.  As well as the parents being able to spend some alone time.

Holiday nannies enjoy travel and enjoy seeing the world. And due to the fact that they have an all-expenses paid trip, (as well as payment for their time). It means their hourly and day rate can be extremely reasonable.

5. Relax, Unwind and Re-charge

Family time is wonderful, and moments and memories should be enjoyed.  With parents working hard, they deserve time to totally get out of work mode and relax and unwind.  Children are fabulous, but at times can be hard work – and the word relaxing isn’t often associated with looking after children!  With a professional holiday nanny, you can ensure that every wonderful moment is had with your children, but you can also relax, unwind and get some precious moments to yourself – exactly what the Dr ordered!


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