What Is A Domestic Couple?

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Published on May 22, 2020

Have you heard of the term Domestic Couple? And do you fully know what it means? A Domestic Couple works in a private household, and they can cover a great number of tasks. It is a great option to have for your house, but make sure you have the right set up for it.

So, what is a Domestic Couple?

A Typical Domestic Couple

Firstly, it is important to understand that Domestic Couples can come in all different types of forms. So a ‘typical Domestic Couple’ doesn’t really exist. But the idea behind a Domestic Couple is to have pretty much only these two people as staff members, who can cover pretty much everything that needs doing.

The role of the domestic couple is extremely varied, and it can be a great combination of all sorts of skills. But simply put the basis of a Domestic Couple is two people who come as one hiring option. This can be an actual couple, or maybe extremely close friends or family. Either way, it is a couple who are extremely familiar with each other and have chosen to work together.

The couple will have generally spent many years together and work extremely well as a team. They really do complement each other.  Great domestic couples are like gold dust, and will often stay for many years once they find the right employer. A really great investment to make if you are in need of a variety of tasks and skills covered in the house.

Typical Duties

Typical duties for Domestic Couples can vary extremely, but there are some more popular setups. The skill domestic couples have to vary from couple to couple, but they tend to be quite varied and flexible. The set up of the role means that they have often have learned and taken on additional skills in each new position.  A good domestic couple is one that is willing to learn and continually adjust to the employer’s needs.

Typically one of the couples will be a strong housekeeper/cook. They may also have additional childcare or nanny skills, or have specific skills like taking care of any pets.

The second half of the couple will generally be more focused on the external parts of the property, gardening, DIY skills, maintenance, chauffeuring skills.  This could also include more service type skills such as butlering, silver service, and front of house.

But the beauty of a Domestic Couple is that often they will cross over in areas of skills. Because they are used to working together, they can and will support each other in anything that needs doing. For example, if it is a large property that requires a large amount of housework.  Both couples may help out with the housework.  In other large houses or estates, where there are large grounds, both sides of the couple may be asked to focus more on land/animal maintenance.  It really depends on the property and the needs of the employer.

What To Consider Before Hiring

Firstly, before you would consider hiring any type of staff, make sure you have the right budget for it. A Domestic Couple is an amazing investment and so worthwhile, but they do come at a cost. When you are looking at the cost of staff to hire, and if you are looking for lots of tasks to be covered. Then a Domestic Couple might just be the right fit for you!

Make sure you have a clear budget in mind also knowing that you can keep on affording that for a significant amount of time to come. Once you get used to having a Domestic Couple around, it can be extremely difficult to part ways because of budget. So make sure you have a realistic idea of what you can afford per year, so you can start your search with the right budget in mind.

Secondly, a Domestic Couple normally lives on the grounds of your house. it is very important for them to have decent accommodation. Normally this means having separate accommodation away from the main house. This way the couple can have privacy on their days off and really make the place their home as well. They will now be working for you 24/7, so when they are off there should be enough space for them in their accommodation to relax and live. This ideally should be a cottage or annex with their own bedroom(s), bathroom, fully functioning kitchen, and lounge.

Salary of a Domestic Couple

Entry-level/Less experienced –  2-4 years of experience. 

Expect a salary of £433-660 gross a week live in and £510-740 gross a week live out (per couple).
Yearly salary range from £22,000 gross to £38,000 gross.

Mid-level/More experienced – 4-8 years of experience.  

Expect a salary of £660-900 gross a week live in and £740-1300 gross a week live out (per couple).
Yearly salary from £33,000 gross to £67,000 gross per year.

High level/Very experienced – 8+ years of experience.  

Expect a salary of £900+ gross a week live in and £1300+ gross a week live out (per couple).
Yearly salary from £68,000+ gross upwards.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

If you are a client, looking for a Domestic Couple for your own household, we can help you today! We have an outstanding selection of Domestic Couples, of all different backgrounds on our books for households all over the world. Please give us a call on 0203 858 0233, or contact us via our website to discuss your household needs!


  1. BlueWA says:

    Interesting read! As a couple myself, I found this post to be informative and thought-provoking. It’s neat to see how the concept of a domestic couple has evolved over time, and how it can apply to our own relationships. Looking forward to more insights from Polo & Tweed!

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