What is the Difference between a Maternity Nanny and a Nanny?

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Published on September 16, 2019

When families are looking to hire a nanny, they have important decisions to make.  A common question we get asked is what is the difference between a maternity nanny and a nanny – and this is an important question to consider.  For every family, when they decide to hire someone to care for their babie(s) or child(ren), they want to know that the right choice has been made – that their precious offspring will be cared for in the highest regard.

It may seem like common sense, if you have a baby, hire a maternity nanny.  If you have a toddler or above, hire a nanny.  But what happens if you have both?  What are the advantages of each type of nanny?  And what are the core differences and what is right for your family?

What is a maternity nanny?

A maternity nanny is a nanny who specialises in working with new borns and babies, and sometimes through to toddler years.  They will be hugely experienced at handling babies, understanding all the basic duties from changing nappies, through to more complex support such as sleep regression, and weaning.  A maternity nanny who understand the clear progressions and developments of babies and all the challenges one can face with them!

A maternity nanny may also have specialised skills or backgrounds, such as being a trained midwife, doula or post natal doula qualifications.

The maternity nanny will have worked with multiple families in different settings, and may have specialised in multiple babies such as twins or triplets!

Why should you choose a maternity nanny?

By choosing a maternity nanny for your family you know one thing. You will have 100% peace of mind that your baby or babies will be in safe hands. It can be a challenging period for a family, or new mum to handover their baby to a ‘stranger’. And the emotional strain is eased by knowing that your precious jewel is in the safest of care. With a highly knowledgeable person looking after them. The maternity nanny will typically be paid a higher salary than a normal nanny. They draw on specialist training and education, along with their professional experiences.  But this money is money well spent, as you’ll have a super professional caring for your baby(ies).

An experienced maternity nanny is also very mindful on educational and stimulation aids that can help develop your babies brain.  Perhaps you’d like to add a foreign language or a love of music – your maternity nanny can help develop your babies brain and body.  A wonderful gift you can give to any child!

A maternity nanny can also help with the developmental stages through to toddlers and beyond, from potty training and more!

What is a nanny?

A nanny is a professional child carer who works in domestic homes to care for the child or children in the home.  They may be professionally trained (such as from Norland college etc), or they may have developed their skills on the job itself.  Some nannies start off as au pairs and then become professional nannies at a later stage – others study children’s development at university or school and enter into the chosen profession.

A nanny will be experienced working with children of all different ages.  Some nannies specialise in a certain age range – for example they might specialise with pre-school children, or prep school, or they might work with teenagers.  Some nannies might also be experienced working with babies and new borns, but this isn’t always the case.

The professional nanny may have additional skills to bring to the family, such as specific qualifications, or background in teaching.  They may have additional language skills or physical skills such as horse riding or skiing.  Depending on what the family need for their children, will mean each nanny is picked according to skill and background.

Why should you choose a nanny over a maternity nanny?

A professional nanny is a great option for a family who want to find a nanny who can blend well with their child(ren). But also someone who can give complete care for their home.  It may be a great option for a family with multiple-aged children. Because the nanny can work with both babies and older children.  It’s also a wonderful option for children from 3 years upwards. As the nanny can focus educational development in the areas the family required.

For older children, the nanny can combine skills and duties. This can be things such as PA work, admin, or even light housekeeping and running errands.  The role can evolve to suit the family and needs.  Other professional nannies will specialise with working with children whose parents are in challenging situations. Think of situations such as divorce or bereavement.

The professional nanny can be the glue for any busy family. With love and support given to the child(ren) and allowing the family to have a busy either work or other commitments. And knowing their children are being cared for in the highest regard.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Polo & Tweed work with families and candidates around the world. We help match the perfect nanny or maternity nanny to the perfect family.  Whatever your needs are, we can discuss them in detail, and help you with a detailed search. You can sit back and relax. And we send you through wonderful profiles of fully vetted nannies who want to work for you!  We can then help with interviews, trials and formal offers. Fully guiding you through the process.  Regardless if this is your first time recruiting or you are a veteran – we would be delighted to help!  Please just get in touch with us here if you are looking for a nanny, and if you are looking for a maternity nanny here, and one of our lovely consultants will be in touch with the next steps.



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