Why You Should Trial Your Housekeeper


Published on July 21, 2020

If you are in the process of recruiting a Housekeeper, it is important you follow all the right steps of selection. Finding the right Housekeeper for you should not be a rushed process. You want to really make sure you are offering the job to the right person. And this is why you should trial your Housekeeper!

So, why exactly should you trial your Housekeeper – and what does it mean?

What is a Trial?

A trial comes after the interview stage in the recruitment process. You might have reviewed many CVs, and from there invited people for interview. But during an interview, and from a CV, there is only so much you can get to know about the person.

Do they fit within your household and family? Do they have the right skills you require? What is their work ethic like? All these things are near-on impossible to find out from just an interview, however extensive your questions.

So that’s where the trial comes into place. A trial is a period of a minimum of several hours, up to several weeks, of where the housekeeping candidate would work for you. It would be a temporary period where the Housekeeper(s) would conduct work for you. So that both parties can decide whether they fit the role.

A trial allows you to enter into a non-pressured stage before any formal offer of employment is made.  Consider at least a week’s trial to establish if the candidate is the right person for the role.  The candidate should be paid, and any appropriate paperwork dealt with before the trial begins.

Check Skills

The first reason why you should trial your Housekeeper is because it will give you the opportunity to find out if they have the right skills for the job.

Even though the CV might list everything you are looking for, seeing someone practically do it makes a big difference. A trial should be seen as part of the recruitment process, and it really simply is an extended job interview. So the Housekeepers will be expected to do work during the trial. The exact work that they would do during the actual job.

How are they at making the beds? Can they iron clothing to your standard? Do they clean the kitchen well? All these practical skills will be shown in the trial. So that by the end of it, you can really make an informed decision.

Check Personality Match

Another important reason why you should trial your Housekeeper is to make sure they fit in with your household. Having a Housekeeper working in your house can be a big change. And even though they might be the highest skilled housekeeper. That does not mean that they will match with your household and lifestyle.

So having someone over for, say, several days, to do a trial, will give you a really good impression on what they are like. Are they very sociable and talkative? Some people will love this for their Housekeeper. But some really don’t! Are they good at timekeeping? Are they respectful of your space? And do you like their habits and the way they work?

A trial will give you all these insights, that an interview simply won’t. Even though a trial might sound time-consuming, it really is a crucial part of the recruitment process. And it equally gives the Housekeeper a chance to see if they like to job too. So that in the end, there really is a perfect match.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Do you struggle with bringing structure in the recruitment process? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by CVs. Or you simply cannot find any suitable candidates for your role. Polo & Tweed is here to help. And make the process as easy as possible for you. Our highly experienced consultants will guide you through the whole process. From the first CV selection, through to trials and final placement. So contact us now to get the recruitment process for your new Housekeeper started!

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