Best Ways To Use A Chauffeur for the Day


Published on June 2, 2021

Private chauffeurs are no longer a luxury only reserved for the lucky and extremely wealthy. With more personalised taxi services like Uber, Addison Lee and Lyft, the idea of a customised or private chauffeuring experience has become more of a reality. And although it is lovely to have a quick taxi ride in a more luxurious car – there are surprisingly affordable options out there to give yourself a Real Private Chauffeur experience. Find out here what the best ways are to use a chauffeur for the day.

What could I use a Private Chauffeur for the day for?

The options really are endless, but here are a few ideas:

Chauffeurs for Events

If you’re headed to an event and want to arrive in style, a private chauffeur can make a great impact. Ride in a high-end luxury car, be extremely well presented, and be dropped off at the event in style.

On the other hand, you might be hosting. Have your chauffeur organise and plan to pick up your guests from airports, train stations or their houses and get them all together stress-free, right on time for your event to start. Hosting a themed event? A chauffeur can be selected to your exact needs and expectations – whether that is looks, skills, or background.

One of the biggest benefits of chauffeurs is that they reduce your stress about arriving on time and allow you to worry about more important things. Professional chauffeurs know the roads you have to travel, can get you the best-located parking spots, and will often be able to secure last-minute bookings at the best restaurants.

Business travel

You might have an extremely busy day or week scheduled with work, meetings all over the place, perhaps in different cities, and you want to be able to get work done whilst travelling. Booking a private chauffeur for those occasions will enable you to have the freedom of getting loads of work and calls done in the back of the luxury car.

It will take all your stress away: just let the chauffeur know beforehand where you have to be and at what times. The chauffeur will then make a schedule and plan all the journeys, taking traffic into account so you can just jump in and focus on more important things, knowing you will get to all your appointments in time.

For your business occasions, a private chauffeur will provide a professional and reliable service, from airport pickup and drop-offs at all needed times, as well as a worry-free journey making sure you and your colleagues can get on with the more important issues of the day. And by keeping it temporary, be it a couple of hours, a day or several days. It really is much more affordable than people might think.

The Chauffeuring experience for a day – live the luxury lifestyle!

Having a full-time Private Chauffeur is definitely not for everyone, however, wouldn’t it be lovely to experience that lifestyle for a day? You can be picked up and dropped off to and from work – the chauffeur can take you shopping (and yes, organise and take all your bags from you! Bring you to a nice restaurant or bar and will be there immediately when you are ready to leave again. It can be great fun and could make a great present to pamper someone properly.

Temporary loss of license/ability to drive

For whatever reason, it can happen you will not be able to drive for a certain period of time. You might not physically be able to drive. Or there might be other reasons. However, you still need to get on with the day to day. And a private chauffeur can help out for this period. By, for example doing school runs. Or driving you to work and pick you back up. And driving you for any other requirements or visits in this period.

What can you expect from a Private Chauffeur?

A temporary Private Chauffeur can be an affordable and luxurious addition to any occasion. Here’s why hiring a temporary chauffeur is so much more than just a ‘fancy taxidriver’ for the day.

  • A private chauffeur does not just get you to your requested destination. He or she will be dressed immaculately. Will optimise your journey, prepare your vehicle. And make sure your journey is nothing less than a five-star luxury experience.
  • There is so much more than just opening the door. It is the presentation, the understanding of exactly what you need. The last-minute changes will be adjusted seamlessly into your day or journey. And the preparation of your trips making sure everything is running smoothly.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Did you get inspired by these suggestions on the best ways to use a chauffeur for the day? We’d love to help! Although there are many excellent, experienced and qualified private chauffeurs out there. Finding the exact right chauffeur can be challenging. Even though it might just be for a temporary role. It is vital to check qualifications and references to verify all their information. At Polo & Tweed, we have many excellent and professional chauffeurs on our books we know and trust. And we would be delighted to introduce the right one to you. Do get in touch with us for a chat, a bit of advice or indeed finding that right Chauffeur!

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