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A British Nanny is the ‘Mary Poppins’ of nannies.  These women (and men!) are born and bred in Britain and will speak English as their first language.  British nannies have historical connections to many different countries and places, but P&T consider ‘British’ Nannies as those born in the United Kingdom.

We understand that some candidates are born outside of the UK and then become citizens of the UK at a later stage in their lives.  In fact many of our nannies do!  For those of entry to mid-level experience these would be considered either a Live in Nanny or Live out Nanny, and those of the very experienced category would fall into the Super Nanny category.  The majority of our British Nannies live in London, but also work around the world including the Middle East, Europe, China and the USA.

Clients who opt to hire a British Nanny do so with the knowledge that their child(ren) will be raised with a neutral accent and perfect English.  Sometimes they want the culture and customs of the UK at the forefront of the child(rens) education, and at other times prefer a British nanny for ease of travel to foreign countries.  Whatever the reasons might be, P&T have a range of incredible British Nannies on our books.

Benefits of Hiring a British Nanny with P&T

    1 Year Agency Guarantee for Complete Peace of Mind

    Highly Vetted Candidates

    Fully Referenced Checked

    Detailed Matching Service for Candidate to Client

    Complimentary DBS Processed

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What are our clients saying about us?

  • Amanda I used Polo & Tweed to find me a housekeeper after I had my second child to help around the house so that I could concentrate on the new baby and my toddler. The service Polo & Tweed provided was excellent. I was able to interview several candidates before finding an excellent housekeeper. I was supported in finding someone who was the right fit for my situation. They also took the headache out of agreeing hours, contracts and pay. The housekeeper was excellent and just knew what needed to be done without being asked.
  • Julien Polo & Tweed is a professional recruitment agency, dedicated in outsourcing the best domestic staff profile to match your Household requirements. The team is very efficient and experienced, their dedication to understanding the client need combined with a large network of candidates, will make the overall process hasslefree. Top agency.
  • Therese I am very impressed by the service of Lucy and her Team. They are quick, efficient and extremely friendly and helpful. They are consumer oriented and understand the customers’ Needs which often is not the case with other agencies. Almost all of the candidates she introduced where valuable candidates, so she has a good stock of People. I have worked now twice with Lucy and will definitely do it again when I need a new nanny.
  • Bijal They found me a part time housekeeper quickly, efficiently, with a great vetting system. Great team, great communication.
  • Summer I have worked with numerous agencies over the years, but Polo & Tweed have provide me with unparalleled service. Lucy is extremely professional and supportive, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucy and her team
  • Rachael I can highly recommend Polo and Tweed and am very grateful for all of their help. Lucy was fabulous and always made time to speak to me and answer any questions I had. Thanks Polo and Tweed.

How P&T classify our British Nannies - Salary Guidelines

The below Salary Guidelines are based on an average 40 hour week and do not take into account live in or live out options.  The salary is always variable depending on overall package offered.

Entry-Level British Nanny is a candidate with 2-4 years experience. 

Expect a salary of £615 – £711 gross per week.

Yearly salary range from £32,000 gross to £37,000 gross.


Mid-level British Nanny is a candidate 4-8 years experience.  

Expect a salary of £730 – £1153 gross per week.

Yearly salary from £38,000 gross to £60,000 gross per year.


High-level British Nanny is a candidate with 8+ years experience.  

Expect a salary of £1173 gross per week.

Yearly salary from £61,000 gross upwards.

What you need to consider in a British nanny


Most of our British Nannies are career nannies. Meaning that they have worked as a Nanny since they have left school and consider this career as a full time career path. In turn they are both experienced and on higher salaries. On some occasion we get entry/mid level British Nannies joining our books, and we help place these British Nannies into families that have a slightly more tight budget. However even these families with a smaller budget offer excellent packages and incentives.


Many of our clients ask their full time nannies to travel with the family to help. Again this needs to be reflected in the salary/package offered, and typically clients will agree a ‘holiday rate’ to pay to the nanny if they are being asked to work 24/7 for a number of days in a row. Travel is easy with a British Nanny as they will hold a British passport and mean that it is easily travelled on to even less popular countries.


Accents place a large part of child(rens) development. British Nannies include English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents. We also have British born nannies who have spent a great deal of time in the USA, Australia or abroad and have accents.  These are all things to consider when hiring a British Nanny. Most of our clients are open to accents, but some specific a specific accent. RP or received pronunciation is considered the neutral accent in the United Kingdom.

About Our Nannies

We have strict vetting for any of the candidates on our books, because our clients expect the highest standard of candidates.  You have complete peace of mind that any nanny presented to you will have met the stringent checks we perform.  Ultimately you will make the final decision to hire, but you will have an incredible selection to choose from. 

Below are four Nannies that are currently on our books, we currently have over 9000 registered candidates on Polo & Tweed books.


Caitlin is a lovely youthful British nanny who has a passion and love of working with children of all ages.  She is kind, considerate and caring, with a flexible and discreet approach.


Lolita is an incredible British/Filipino Nanny, who is also a qualified teacher.  She is highly skilled in all aspects of childcare, able to provide a caring and stable environment for children to flourish within.


Louise is a highly experienced British nanny who has worked for over eight years with different families.  She is highly organised and often takes on admin/PA roles within the daily duties alongside her nanny tasks.



Gemma is a lovely British nanny who started her career as a teacher.  She has since become a highly sought after and professional nanny who has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds.