Employment Agency Vs Recruitment Agency – What Polo & Tweed is?


Published on June 1, 2017

Employment and recruitment agencies are two very different entities, but from the outside can be quite confusing. This article should help you understand the differences between the two.

It can seem that there are so many things to think about when looking for a new job. Our hope is that this article will give you the tools to make great decisions on your journey to your dream job.

Employment Agency

An employment agency will directly employ you to do a job. They are responsible for recruiting you, so you apply to them and they will consider your CV. Once they are happy with your application they will then typically take you through their own registration process.

An employment agency will specialise in an area and look to build up a pool of skilled employees it can call on.  They may have contracts to provide the workforce or parts of the workforce, for other companies, and they’ll commonly have a selection of different positions available on long and short term contracts.

An employment agency will be paid directly by the client, and in turn, will pay you directly via the payroll.

In situations where the size of a workforce fluctuates such as when there is a special event, the extra staff required may be provided by an agency. The agency draws from its pool of suitable people, providing staff for the event.

Another typical scenario is cover for sicknesses at short notice. When an agency is working to short timelines, such as covering for sickness, it’s unlikely you will be asked to interview. An employment agency may call at very short notice and ask if you would like the work they have on offer.

Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency does not employ you as a candidate. They do not have any job vacancies themselves. An individual or company will engage a recruitment agency to find a selection of suitable candidates for them. When looking for new staff they will often choose an agency specialising in their area. For example, Polo & Tweed specialise in recruiting domestic staff for HNWI and VIPs.

Employment agencies may ask you to register with them before a position is available. This means that they can build a pool of skilled people to draw on. This also works in your favour as once you’re registered, you’ll likely to be notified when new vacancies arrive at the agency. How you are notified varies from agency to agency so it is important to check with them directly about how they work, so you don’t miss out.

The agency will want to see your CV and conduct an interview so that they can get an understanding of you. By seeing your CV and speaking with you in person, they are in a much better position to match you with your ideal job.

You can apply for any positions that are advertised by the agency. Only after you apply, does your CV go to the employer. It is therefore really important to check their vacancies regularly and apply for those positions you would like. After reviewing the CV’s sent to them, an employer will then arrange interviews for their selected few.

A recruitment agency should never charge a candidate to join their books (in fact this is illegal in the UK), instead they will invoice the client prior/during or after the placement(s) have been provided.  All agencies operate different fee structures and will vary depending on the service being offered.

Every employer is different but by using an agency you’re getting your own personal agent to act on your behalf. Pop stars and sportsmen have them to do their negotiations so why shouldn’t you? It’s the agency’s job to get you the best deal from your new employer.

A recruitment agency is looking to match the right person with the right job. Both have to be right, as everyone involved needs to be happy for the relationship to work and last.

To Recap and Summarise

An employment agency directly employs you to do a job, where ever that may be. A recruitment agency does not employ you but will help you get a job with an employer and work on your behalf to get you the best deal.

So What is Polo & Tweed?

Polo & Tweed is a recruitment agency specialising in recruiting domestic staff for HNWI and VIPs. We recruit for jobs worldwide and you can apply for jobs in locations where you have the right to work. Unfortunately, we are unable to help with your sponsor visas.

We value our candidates highly and we try hard to get to know them. This helps us to understand their needs and match them to their dream job. Equally, we try hard to understand what it is our clients are looking for and need. We can then try to create happy working relationships for all involved.