What Is A Live In Housekeeper – And Why Is It So Popular?

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Published on February 1, 2021

Are you interested in hiring a live in housekeeper, but not entirely sure what they offer or what they do? And whether a live in housekeeper would be the right fit for your family? So what is a live in housekeeper – and why is it so popular? Let’s find out!

A live in housekeeper lives in the property or on the property grounds. Perhaps a separate annex or building, for example. So for any person looking to hire a live in housekeeper. It is pivotal to be certain you have appropriate space for the housekeeper to work. On top of their salaries, live in housekeepers often have extra packages. Think of things such as access to a car, food (when on duty at the very least) and other perks. Such as, for example, bills being covered. This is different from a live out housekeeper. They will live in their own accommodation. And would commute to work each day they are working.

Like any housekeeper, a live in housekeeper’s routine will be unique. And it depends on the demands and need of the family they work for. They will normally work 5-6 day weeks with the family from morning through to the evening. And can often be flexible with hours as they will be staying close to the house.

 What Tasks Can They Help With?

 A live in housekeeper can assist with a range of different tasks which could include:

Daily Routines

The day of the live in housekeeper will typically start early before the family wake up. Often they are given a set routine to follow daily. Depending on the day of the week and the needs of the family. Morning routines often include cleaning up after the night before. Ensuring the house looks presentable for the principal. It could also include preparing breakfast for the family before they wake up to ensure they are ready for school/work. Families also may require outfits or school uniforms to be organised.

Daily routines often include washing up to ensure there are clean cutlery, dinnerware and clothes for the residents to use. Another regular task is to go around and ensure the entire house is tidy/presentable. The day tends to end with the housekeeper preparing dinner for the household. As well as cleaning up the leftover mess from the cooking.


If the family have children, a live in housekeeper can be a great help to the parents.  Ensuring the kids have everything they need for the day. A live in housekeeper typically would be tasked with feeding the children throughout the day. By preparing sufficient meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other tasks that could be given to the live in housekeeper is bathing the children, ensuring all clothes are washed/ironed ready for each day and putting them to bed.

 From an education standpoint, a live in housekeeper is also popular as they can help by dropping off the children and picking them up from school. They could also assist the children with any homework or tasks handed out to the kids.

Preparing meals/cooking

One of the typical tasks given to a live in housekeeper is preparing and cooking meals for the family throughout the day. The family will either provide the supplies or request that the housekeeper picks up some groceries from the shop to use. Normally the housekeeper will be provided with a list of meals to choose from or given a set routine depending on the needs of the household. They would usually then be responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner at a set time.

A live in housekeeper will be given an overview of all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that have to be met. So daily routines can change depending on the month as the residents may have special occasions they need assisting with. This could mean deeper cleaning in specific locations in the house, shopping and cooking. Also on weekends if the children are home it could involve trips to town or the park to keep them entertained.

 So Why Is It So Popular To Have A Live In Housekeeper?

 It is becoming increasingly popular to hire a live in housekeeper as highlighted by the above they can assist with an array of different tasks which keeps the house running, even when the homeowner is out of the country. Having a live in housekeeper also gives the family peace of mind that someone is in the house 24/7 which increases security if they had to leave the house.

Another key reason why it is so popular is the flexibility that live in housekeepers can provide if required. They can normally be more flexible when it comes to asking for additional hours and flexi-cover due to the fact they are so close to the property. Whereas a live out housekeeper would be less likely to support with this due to the commute.

Finally, given the current climate with the pandemic having a live in housekeeper is also a popular choice and preferred to a live out house keeper. This is because if they are staying in the Families house or grounds they are in the principal’s personal bubble which would allow the housekeeper to continue to work safely within the current guidelines. Whereas a live out housekeeper would be mixing with their own personal bubble and commuting to the house each day which could prove problematic within the changing government guidelines.

If you are interested in searching for a live in Housekeeper to assist with making your family routines run more smoothly we would be delighted to help. Our Highly experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate. Get in touch here and we look forward to speaking to you.

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