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10 Tips for Vetting & Interviewing a Super Nanny

Published on April 20, 2017

You need to be prepared for the interview too…

As professional recruiters we’ve interviewed countless nannies and we understand how important it is for you to find the perfect fit.

A super nanny is a highly desirable nanny and there are many great ones out there, but… there are also some not-so-great ones unfortunately. If you’re spending the time and money to hire a Super Nanny you’ll want to make sure you hire the best possible one for your family.  

Vetting CVs and checking references are critical aspects of the hiring process, but the most important part is the interview. As long as you’re prepared you can be confident that when it’s through you will know whether or not each candidate is fit for you and your family.

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The Domestic Service Industry – Is It For You?

Published on April 18, 2017

The domestic service industry is a great way to earn a good living and have a long term, solid income and career. It has lots of potential to climb the ladder to higher up, better paid jobs too. Have you considered working in the domestic service industry? Read our guide to find out if it’s the right career choice for you.

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How To Find A London Governess

Published on April 13, 2017

Finding a London governess for your family can seem a daunting task, but there are a few things you can do to help focus your search. Before you start looking for your governess from London, take time to think about what you are looking for. What do you want to achieve? Are there any particular goals you have in mind? What tasks do you want your new employee to undertake? When do you expect her to work? What qualifications would you like her to have? Is she going to be a live in member of staff, with room and board? If she is living in, where will her private space be? How much can you afford to pay?

Once you have answered those questions, you’ll then need to decide if you’re looking for a governess or nanny!

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How to Keep a Good Nanny

Published on April 10, 2017

So, you have spent lots of time interviewing lots of potential nannies and trialling a select few? You’ve likely found the perfect fit for your family. But how do you keep a good nanny when you find one?

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Things You Should Know About Employing a Nanny

Published on April 6, 2017

In the United Kingdom, legal guidelines dictate that private and domestic childcare providers working for a private family should be employed.  Many families look to see if they can ask a nanny to be self employed, and this will vary depending on the country they are in. As the role of a nanny is considered a professional one, they should be given protection as employees.  What things should you be made aware of when employing a nanny?

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The Difference Between an Au Pair and a Nanny

Published on April 3, 2017

Childcare is a complex area.  Titles such as ‘au pair’, ‘nanny’ and ‘mother’s help’ are often used, and sometimes families can get confused with all the terminology. There are many different types of child care staff, and it’s important before starting your search that you understand the difference between them, so you can clearly establish what you and your family need. Here is our guide to the difference between an au pair and a nanny.

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A Complete Guide to Nanny Payroll Services

Published on March 30, 2017

You’ve been through the process of finding your perfect nanny- now you have to pay them!  However, many people have queries about nanny payroll services.

Nanny payroll services can seem like a complicated thing to manage, especially if this is the first time you are hiring a nanny. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Here at Polo & Tweed, we’ve written a handy guide for you to understand nanny payroll services better.

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Types of Butler Qualifications You Can Take

Published on March 27, 2017

Being a butler is one of the most exciting jobs in the domestic service industry. Not many professional people can say they’re able to follow their passions, make progressions and grow in their roles. Because of this, it’s no surprise that many people are looking into becoming a butler. The road is long and challenging, but with professional butler qualifications and a dedicated attitude, you can become a great butler.

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Important Questions to Ask a Degree Qualified Nanny

Published on March 23, 2017

Most of the time, experience is enough for families looking for a nanny. However, some families want something more than just experience- they want a degree qualified nanny!

Many nannies have childcare or child development qualifications, teaching qualifications or are educated to degree level. Families may have school aged children who need help with homework, or their children need to get into top schools and need help with upcoming exams. If you’re looking for a degree qualified nanny, read on to find out the important questions you should be asking when it comes time to interview.

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Prospective Nannies: Top Things to Ask Yourself When Conducting a Nanny Job Search

Published on March 16, 2017

You have a lot to think about when deciding to conduct a nanny job search. Lots of questions and fears can arise when looking for a new job, and these are perfectly normal. It’s a good idea to take some time to think and make sure you start your nanny job search in the best possible way. When you do accept a new position, you’ll know both you and your employer will be happy.

Here are Polo & Tweed’s top things you should ask yourself when applying for a new nanny role.

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