How to Keep a Good Nanny


Published on April 10, 2017

So, you have spent lots of time interviewing lots of potential nannies and trialling a select few? You’ve likely found the perfect fit for your family. But how do you keep a good nanny when you find one?


A Clear Contract

Make sure you have a contract with your nanny that lays out everything you expect from them, and what they can expect from you in return. Ensure what you’re promising is what you can deliver, and follow through on the promises you make. This helps start the relationship off on the best possible footing, and ensures everyone is clear about the working relationship.


Establish Trust

As with any relationship, communication and trust are key. It may be a good idea to schedule a time when you can discuss things uninterrupted. A regular review will let you voice any concerns that you or your nanny may have.

Listening to what your nanny says is important, as is letting her know if you feel something isn’t quite as it should be. Letting a good nanny know she is doing a good job, and that you appreciate her, will make her feel valued. Knowing her efforts are appreciated and recognised goes a long way. This may also be a good time to review her pay. The price of living generally changes, and typically an employer should consider keeping up with this each year.


Small Gifts

Showing your appreciation for a good nanny doesn’t have to be done with expensive gifts or big bonuses. Smaller things, like paying for her to have a takeaway, or encouraging her to use your television or film subscription when she is babysitting are great things too. She may also appreciate the use of a car during her time off.


Good Communication

Your nanny may feel like part of the family, and this is testament to the great job she is doing. But remember, she is also a professional with her own life. Try to be home on time, or at least let her know if you are running late. Her working hours should be set out in her contract. If you find yourself being repeatedly late home you should consider if you need to extend those hours a little and pay her for that time.


Repay Expenses

Try to repay your nanny as soon as possible for any expenses she has paid for out of her own pocket. Unforeseen expenses do occur, and it is respectful to reimburse a good nanny as soon as you can. Remember, you don’t know what your nanny’s financial situation is, and she may be living to a tight budget.


Show Respect

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Show your nanny you respect her. She is a professional, with a wealth of experience and knowledge at your disposal, so let her do her job. Talk to her privately if you feel you differ in opinion on something and offer her alternatives you would prefer. By doing this without the children present, you are showing them that what nanny says goes, and that you respect her.

Your nanny is looking after your precious children, so the time spent working on your relationship with her and showing your appreciation are extremely well spent. A good contract and a good working relationship will all help ensure a good nanny remains with your family.


Do you need help with anything we’ve touched on above?  Perhaps you need help or advice to find a good nanny?  Whatever your questions might be, why not drop us a line? We would be happy to help you!


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