Why You Need A Gardener For All Seasons


Published on November 3, 2020

Do you know why you need a gardener for all seasons? Many people may think that gardeners are only really needed in the spring and summer. When you are really outdoors a lot, enjoying your outside space. But there is plenty of work to do in the other seasons soo. Very important work, even. Especially to maintain and keep your garden healthy. So you can enjoy it again when the weather turns nice again!

So why do you need a gardener for all seasons?


Springtime is an extremely important time to have a gardener to help you out. This is the time where you want your gardener to inspect the whole garden. All the plants and shrubs. Has anything been damaged by the winter? Do any beds need to be cleaned out?

  • Spring is the time for hardscaping – work on any ‘hard’ landscapes in your garden such as fencing, gutters, walls, stones, woods and benches
  • Clear out all plant debris, old annual plants and anything else that needs moving.
  • Check and feed your garden soil to make sure it is healthy.
  • Prune any shrubs, plants and flowers who need it in spring – your gardener will know!
  • Get ready to cover up plants in case early spring freeze temperature still hit.


The summer season is arguably the time you will spend the most time outdoors, in your garden! Whether you might be hosting garden parties and events, or you are just relaxing in the warmer weather. It is key to keep you garden maintained to the highest standard.

This is the time for you gardener to do lots of things, such as the following.

  • Stay on top of weeds in any part of your garden
  • Make sure your whole garden is getting enough watering regularly – especially in the hotter days & weeks
  • Plant annual plants where suited
  • Stay on top of insects and slug infestations
  • Harvest any grown fruit and vegetables!


Autumn is really why you need a gardener for all seasons. Gardening tasks this time of year can become more tricky, and less appealing to do as weather turns. But you still want to make sure to stay on top of things!

  • Clean, collect and remove all fallen leaves – and keep this up throughout!
  • Overall tidying up – getting rid of any plants that should not be kept for winter. Move any plants who need to, to a greenhouse for the winter.
  • Trim your grass lawn and leave the edges tidy, ready for winter.
  • Repair any items that need work – such as fencing, sheds and bins.


The winter is definitely the most unappealing time to work in your garden. So again this is why you need a gardener for all seasons. Are you ready to step it up outdoors when the cold weather hits? Your gardener will!

  • Protects plants for harsh winter weather by covering them or moving them indoors/in a greenhouse.
  • Plants bulbs ready to come out in the spring!
  • Prune any plants that need it
  • Final clear ups – make sure there are no annual plants left or anything else that should not be there for the next season.
  • Be careful with your grass – you might damage it if you walk on it too much during cold winters.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Do you want to get a gardener to cover all seasons? Polo & Tweed can help! We have the best gardeners on our books who all come extensively vetted and checked. They can be available for full-time, part-time and ad hoc work. Let us take all the hard work away from you. Our experienced consultants can advise on pay rates, job specs, and the whole recruitment process.  Why not contact us now to see how we can help!

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