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Published on April 8, 2016

Last week, Luxurious Magazine released an exclusive interview with our CEO and Founder, Lucy Challenger. Luxurious Magazine specializes in luxury and lifestyle news and is one of Europe’s most popular news outlets. We are happy to see our successful CEO featured in such a prominent magazine!

Lucy’s interview with Henry McIntosh briefly touches on her background and dives deeper into her relationship with the domestic luxury service industry. She fields questions about the demand for luxury domestic services, the benefits of working as a domestic staff, and the future of Polo & Tweed.

One of the highlights of the interview, Lucy describes her inspiration for starting Polo & Tweed:

HM: Polo & Tweed is a unique recruitment company. What inspired you to create it?

Polo & Tweed is about client satisfaction. Every business has to think about the bottom line but that wasn’t the driving force. Having had to hire staff for my own home, I realised how much of a personal and intimate experience it is. The clients I help get the same experience. It’s about providing a service the client is happy with and keeping them as a client for life.

The interview reveals the driving force and culture of Polo & Tweed as it is created by our CEO. Cleverly summed up by Lucy, “You can fake a watch, but you can’t fake a butler.”

Access the full interview here.

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