Why Hire a Filipino Housekeeper in London?

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Published on January 22, 2020

Hiring a Filipino housekeeper is a popular option for properties in London. Here are some of the benefits and things to consider when hiring a Filipino housekeeper Click To Tweet Our clients come to us to find the ideal housekeeper to match their property and requirements. We always recommend selecting candidates based on their skill set and the needs of the property and family. Also, many of the foreign domestic staff that we place in housekeeping positions in London are Filipino.
Read on to find out why Filipino housekeepers are in such high demand in London.

Why are Filipino housekeepers in high demand in London?

Filipino housekeepers are well known for their high level of professionalism. Therefore they usually have a good track record.Β  As a result, this makes them highly sought after. Most of the Filipino housekeepers in our recruitment database have been working in domestic settings for several years. They also demonstrate long-term commitment and professional attitudes. To summarise, typically professional Filipino housekeepers have the following qualities:
  • Long-term commitment to previous jobs and placements.
  • High attention to detail in the work duties they perform.
  • Flexibility to adjust to the household and employers needs.
  • Discretion to be confidential with the private setting they work within.
  • Peaceful and calm attitude. With a lovely smiley approach.
  • Bright and intelligent, able to get the job done efficiently.
  • Excellent with children and pets
  • Kind and always willing to go the extra mile.

What should you consider when hiring a Filipino housekeeper in London?

As always, when you hire anyone, you should always ask yourself these key questions:
  1. How many hours do you need them to work?
  2. Is the position live in or live out?
  3. Does the role include childcare or pet care?
  4. Is the housekeeper required to travel?
  5. Is the housekeeper required to cook?
  6. Will the housekeeper work alone, as part of a team, or to lead a team?
  7. What’s the timeline in which you are looking to hire?
  8. Have you checked the references and vetted the candidate’s CV and resume?
  9. Will you pay a premium salary? As a rule you’ll pay more for the sought after experience that Filipino candidates can offer. Therefore, you should make sure your budget can stretch to the market rate. Especially in London, where rates are high!

How can P&T help?

We work with clients and candidates around the world, helping place the ideal Filipino housekeeper in the right property. We would be delighted to help you source the right person – no matter what your requirements are. Please do get in touch with us here, and one of our experienced recruitment consultants will get back to you.Β  We look forward to hearing from you.