How a PA Can Help Reduce Your Anxiety

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Published on March 12, 2018

Stress is not what you want to start the day with. Take control with the help of quality Personal Assistant! Click To TweetDo you suffer from anxiety? Or do you sometimes simply feel things are becoming too much, and you cannot deal with your daily tasks? DO you feel exhausted all the time?  In today’s high paced, high pressure global society it is a challenge for everyone to stay calm and sane, and feeling overly stressed and anxious can have an enormous impact on your life, both personal and at work.

There is a difference between feeling a little scared sometimes and having an anxiety disorder. Both can be disruptive to your life, though. Luckily, there are means and ways to help you through it – and a PA can play a vital part in this.

Here is a list of things you can practise that can help through periods of anxiety – and how a PA can really save the day for you.

  1. Care for yourself
    Make sure you spend enough time looking after yourself. It is likely that in your busy life, you are forgetting this – so your PA can make sure to schedule in much needed breaks, a calming massage or beauty treatment. They can help ensure you get a workout in, sign up for a fun course that you enjoy, or book a weekend away so you can have time to relax and switch off.
  2. Get on top of finances
    Budget, having enough money and getting through the month are on top of the list of many people’s stresses and concerns. Let your PA look at your income and outgoings, and make a monthly budget. The PA can sort out where things are potentially going wrong, and where you are overspending. They can also look into more affordable options of items and activities you are spending your money on, such as phone and television contracts, and even the way you shop and book travel. If there are any debts, the PA can make a plan to get the debts cleared in an achievable manner. Knowing that you are on top of your finances and would not have to worry about getting to the end of the month, can make an enormous difference for your stress and anxiety levels.
  3. Organise your space
    Living or working in a messy environment can cause a lot of stress and anxiety as it does not give you peace of mind, nor does it give a sense or organisation or being on top of things. Let your PA come up with a handy filing system, whether that is at home or at work, reorganise drawers, label boxes and put things away in designated cupboards so that the environment you spend your time in will feel clean and calm.
  4. Get enough sleep
    Make sure you get enough sleep – and if you feel stressed and anxious you will probably need an hour or two more per night than what you are currently getting! Your PA can stay on top of emails, appointments and phone calls when you decide to have an early night, or can cover early morning when you just need that extra hour of rest. Being well rested clears your head and makes you more capable of taking on the day.
  5. Change your diet
    You might not realise this, but your diet might have a great effect on your stress levels. Let you PA look into healthier versions of regular food and drinks you’re consuming. They can also come up with helpful overviews to remind you what should and should not be eating. They can order new healthy foods, make sure it is around you during the day, at work or at home – and inform you about the dangers of consuming too much caffeine, sugar and processed foods.
  6. Schedule social events
    At times when feeling anxious, especially when suffering from social anxiety, it can be really easy to hide away at home or isolate yourself at work. Your PA can organise, schedule and book social events for you and make sure you actually attend – as it can be extremely important to just step out of your social isolation and meet some people. This can be anything from meeting with a friend, a lunch with a colleague or a work related networking event that might benefit your business.
  7. See a doctor
    Make sure your PA schedules in time in your diary to see a GP either for a medical examination, or someone to speak to about your anxiety. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder you might need, and benefit from, psychological help or medication.
  8. Exercise
    Exercise has been known for years to have a positive effect on your mental health, as well as being good for you physically. Let your PA find a new type of workout interesting to you, source a great personal trainer and block specific times out in your diary on a regular basis to make sure you actually go!

A personally assistant can have a huge impact on your life in bringing structure and organisation when you need it most, like when you suffer from anxiety. If you are looking to recruit a great part time or full time PA we’d love to help you – you can get in touch with us here – we look forward to helping you tackle your anxiety!

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