How To Select The Best Private Household Gardener


Published on December 15, 2020

Do you know how to select the best private household gardener for your home? Let us help you! Hiring any new member of staff can be a challenging thing to do. There are many aspects to the process. And you want to make sure you think of everything. To get the best possible outcome. But fear not, we are here to help. So why not start by reading about the top things on how you can best select your new private household gardener.


First things first. What of course is very important for your new private household gardener, is for them to have the right skills for the job. And although that seems very straight forward, you want to be really clear about this.

Having a clear definition of the job role when you start looking for your new gardener will save you a lot of time. So take a moment to really write down what your new gardener really should be doing for you. What are the tasks, and the skills required? It often makes a big difference in writing it down. As you’d be surprised with how many things you come up with.

So once you have a clear idea – then make an honest judgement on how realistic these tasks are. And are they all suited for a gardener? Some tasks might be more suited for a landscaper.

So make sure you are clear on the skills your gardener should have. There can be a big difference between someone caring for tropical and exotic plants, for example. Or completely designing and building a whole new outside space, for example. Once you are clear on what the job actually entails – you can match the skills the gardeners you are interviewing, have.


You are not hiring a private household gardener to become you, or your children new best friend – fact. However, when someone is working in and around your house, personality does play a part. One way or another, you will come across them. And having someone work in your private home can be quite a change to get used to.

So think about your personal situation and home life. What do you prefer, when you are at home? For example, some people prefer to not interact with members of staff at all when they re doing their work. They want their home to be a private and personal space. Which is important to know when you are hiring a member of staff.

Whereas others love to interact and have the people working for them integrate in one way or the other. Perhaps you have kids running around the garden. Will your new private household gardener be comfortable interacting with them? Of course, it is not part of their job description! But it can make a big difference if someone is comfortable and friendly around kids.

There are so many opportunities for your family when you have a gardener too. A gardener can organise really fun games with your kids in your garden, teaching them about all the outdoor stuff, for example. However – if this is something you are looking for then make sure you find a gardener who likes to do this and has experience with this. Also, make sure that anyone who works in the same household as your children has a fully up to date DBS.

Availability & Set-Up

A final practical thing you really want to consider when you select the best private household gardener – is their set up. What we mean with that is all the practicalities that come with them working for you.

Firstly, what is their current situation? Are they still in a job, have they handed their notice in yet? Would they be able to start when you want them to, for example? If they have a three month notice period – which isn’t uncommon – you want to plan for this.

Another thing to look at is location and availability. How long would they have to travel to get to you for the private household gardening job? If it is a very long journey, you want to discuss who realistic it is for them to do this regularly. Also, do they have any other jobs or commitments? Will they be available at the times you need them?

It is best to get all these things clear first – so you can really find the best private household gardener for you!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Do you feel more confident in how to select your new private household gardener? Recruitment can be tough – and time-consuming! We would love to help and take all the hard work away from you. Polo & Tweed have many candidates who are all completely vetted and registered. Saving you a lot of time by only matching your role with the candidates who are suited, interested and qualified for your role. Our experienced recruitment consultants will personally guide you through everything. We can set up interviews, trials and are with you all the way through for you to find the right person. Why not get in touch now and we can chat about what you are looking for!

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