How Long Does It Take To Hire A Domestic Helper?

How Long to Hire Staff

Published on May 30, 2016

The Scoop on Hiring Domestic Staff

In this short video, CEO of Polo & Tweed Lucy Challenger explains the process of recruiting and placing a domestic staff member for a client. As we see here, the process can vary greatly depending on many factors.

The process of hiring domestic help

The process for hiring domestic staff depends on the timeline of the client and the requirements of the job spec. Finding a domestic staff placement can take anywhere from a few days to six months.

A client may have some cushion if they are looking to replace an existing staff member, or they may need to hire someone quickly for an upcoming event. We regularly receive requests from clients who have guests coming into town and are in need of some extra support during their stay. In a situation like this, we will call all hands to deck and work to find a placement as soon as possible. We get all the CVs ready in the same day, have interviews the following day, and can have someone in the position by the third day.

In other instances a client may have very specific needs for the domestic staff they are hiring so the searching and hiring process can take longer. It may take months to go through intensive screening processes and trials to find the perfect fit for a position.


Whether you need to fill a position right away or you’re planning well in advance, we are here to help. You can submit a request for a domestic staff placement or reach out to us on our contact page with any questions.

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