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How to get a medical check

Polo & Tweed can refer you to a highly regarded and trusted private GP (general practitioner), Dr Jeremy Harris. Dr Harris runs a clinic (by appointment) in Central London and Greater London.  An experienced Primary Care practitioner with a broad range of skills as a clinician, educationalist, in medical politics, and in health care commissioning.

At the Harley Street Clinic Diagnostic Centre there is a full diagnostic suite and comfortable waiting area and beautifully appointed consulting rooms.

In New Malden Dr Harris works from a state of the art medical centre designed by the practice. Here he provides a wide range of NHS and private services to his practice population. A full diagnostic suite including MRI, X-ray, digital mammography, neuroscience investigations, ultrasound, and cardiac diagnostics further enhances the centre.

What medical checks are on offer?

There are three medical checks you can choose from. A general health check or a male or female premier check.  What is covered in these checks is outlined in the below chart.

Why should I apply for a medical?

A medical can give both you and your future employer peace of mind that you are fit and healthy. And indeed suitable for the role.  Many candidates will use a medical as an additional tick box in their job application into domestic service.  Not every client requests one. However by having one you are ahead of the game.

Can I ask my potential candidate I am thinking of hiring to take a medical?

Yes! There are many times when a medical can be taken to give peace of mind to the employer.  For example, a chauffeur who suffers from regular blackouts or epilepsy may become a danger to his clients when operating the car, likewise a candidate who doesn’t disclose a medical condition, only for the job to affect them further may be putting themselves or the people in their care at risk.  It’s an important step we recommend all our clients and candidates undertaking should they feel they need to.

Do I have to have a medical to apply for a job through Polo & Tweed?

No! Polo & Tweed are committed to equal opportunities and we do not require a medical to register or join our books.  We simply offer this service to any clients or candidates who wish to take up the additional service should they require.