How To Manage Your Housekeeper’s Departure


Published on August 4, 2020

If your Housekeeper has handed in their notice, it can feel quite challenging.  Especially if you feel like you had a great working relationship and if your housekeeper made your life run smoothly. It can be tricky to see how to manage your housekeeper’s departure.

There are, however, some fairly straight forward things you can do to help the transition.  Especially if your Housekeeper has given you quite a bit of notice. So you can use that time wisely!

So how should you manage your Housekeeper’s departure?

Immediate Steps & Review Your Requirements

Once your Housekeeper has handed in their notice, this is the time for you to be proactive up to their departure.

Hopefully, they will be working their notice, which will give you time to try and sort things out. This is also a perfect time to give you the opportunity to reassess. If you had a full-time Housekeeper, do you still need that setup? Or would perhaps a part-time Housekeeper be better suited? Or maybe something completely different, like a nanny-housekeeper or a Domestic Couple!

Also, take some time to reflect. Why did your Housekeeper leave? It might be a completely unrelated reason for the job. But if they were unhappy, it can be important to take some time for self-reflection. Are you providing the right set up for a Housekeeper? Is the salary correct? Are there perhaps too many tasks for one person to get through?

All important things to think about, before looking at hiring a new Housekeeper. And potentially ending up in the same situation.

Shadowing Trials

If you are indeed looking to find a replacement Housekeeper, use this time now. It might be really helpful for a potential new employee to shadow your current Housekeeper who is leaving.

It also happens a lot that the leaving Housekeeper would do a handover, perhaps even with some training. Especially if your Housekeeper has been with you for a while. They will know everything that needs to happen. All the routines and schedules. Where everything is. What the best ways are to tackle things.

This is all invaluable information! You could save yourself a lot of time (and money) if your current Housekeeper can train the new one.

And it is also a great way to run trials with potential new Housekeepers. Your current Housekeeper might well be able to give feedback to you on any new people coming in. Helping you to find your new great Housekeeper.

Acknowledge Your Housekeeper’s Contribution

Whilst it may be stressful and frustrating that your Housekeeper is leaving, it is important to remain professional. This might not be an easy time for either of you.

So be sympathetic, and professional. Be respectful of their decision, and do ask for feedback. This way you might be able to understand issues you did not realise were there. And it will set a better relationship in place for whoever will come next.

Everyone should be on good terms. Plan something nice to thank them for their contribution and show your appreciation.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed are highly experienced professionals in the Housekeeping industry. Our consultants will be able to guide you through the process. Identify any issues. Find out what when wrong initially. And see what can be done better for the next Housekeeper! If your Housekeeper indeed has handed in their notice and you would like further support to recruit a new member of staff, Polo & Tweed would love to help.  You can get in touch with us here. And we look forward to help you!

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