The Benefits of Hiring a Part Time Gardener


Published on September 2, 2020

Do you know the benefits of hiring a part time gardener? Having a gardener working for you part time can be a great solution to many issues. Many gardeners will work part time or flexible hours, so it could not be easier.

Find out all the benefits of hiring a part time gardener now!

A Helping Hand

You might have an amazing outside space at your home that you love caring for yourself. But there simply might be things that you cannot or do not want to do. Things you might not have the specific knowledge about.

So this is where the benefits of hiring a part time gardener really shine through. A part time gardener is the perfect helping hand you may need. They can come as little or as often as you like. As they could even just do several hours per week. They can do the heavy-duty stuff for you, with the equipment you might not have.

Or simply advise you on some plants and flowers you are about to plant into your garden. Or simply to a weekly general clean up and tidy up of the grounds. Things such as mowing the lawns, cutting any shrubs and trimming, and bushes that need doing.

Consider it a weekly clean, as a Housekeeper or cleaner might do. Only then for your outside space!

Cost & Hassle Saving

Hiring a gardener might be very high on your wish list, but sometimes finances might not allow for it. There is a big difference, especially financially, between hiring someone full time and having a part time gardener.

And in most cases, you will not have to go through any of the complicated employment processes. Most part time gardeners are very happy, and used to, being self-employed. This will take a lot of work and hassle away from you.

When your gardener is self-employed, you will simply pay them a set rate (either per hour or per shift, for example). The gardener will issue you with an invoice and you pay this. They then are responsible for paying their own tax. So none of the responsibilities lay with you. It is the easiest, most hassle-free way of having a gardener! And it will save you a lot of money, in comparison to having a full time gardener, too.


So what if you do not need a gardener every week, or even every other week? This is another way where the benefits of hiring a part time gardener really shine.

The great thing about having a part time gardener, is that they can be as flexible as you need them to me. You might have a small garden that simply does not need a lot of regular maintenance. But you still want someone to come in, maybe at the start of each new season. To make sure your garden is looking it the best possible condition for the new season and weather changes.

Or, you might just need a gardener on call. For those odd jobs that will come up once in a while. Cutting some tree branches off, for example. Or trimming bushes in a certain shape or style. It could be anything gardening related. But having a part time gardener means that you have the flexibility to book them in for when you need them.

Many gardeners work for many different households, doing part time and flexible hours. So it really is the perfect setup if you require someone to be extremely flexible. And someone who is ok with only coming in every now and then. Instead of having set hours.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed have an excellent selection of part time (and full time!) gardeners on the books, all over the world. We have an extremely strict and extensive selection process. To make sure that only the best professionals make it on our books. So that when you get candidates sent to you, you know they will be of the highest possible quality.

Let us do all the hard work for you and find the best part time gardener for you now. Give us a call or send us a message and we look forward to speaking to you!



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    Require help with weeding and pruning and general gardening once a month.

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