Tips for Following-Up Your Personal Assistant Effectively

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Published on May 29, 2018

Following up PA training adds that personal touch which fosters confidence and commitment! Click To TweetOnce your employee or personal assistant has completed training, it is vital to ensure that the highest productivity level can be obtained.  It will allow you to better understand their needs and adjust your relationship and their place in the team and business.

Having effective and consistent procedures with your personal assistant, regardless if they are a corporate or private PA, will allow you to deepen and strengthen your staff productivity, as well as lengthen their job commitment.  After all, if you don’t bother to put the time in, why should your staff feel the need to?

So what are the best tips for following up with your personal assistant effectively?

Benefits of Effective and Consistent Follow-up

  1. The training will be fresh in the PA or employee’s mind, and it will allow you to easily update or add-on to their training.
  2. Increased staff productivity.
  3. Increased staff happiness (yes that really matters!).
  4. Your PA will have a more focused and clearer understanding of your specific needs and targets.
  5. It will allow you to update their skills in a respectful and kind manner – allowing them to improve (and ultimately provide you a better service), but in a positive environment.

10 Tips for Following Up to the Training

  1. Regularity. Keep the training regular, allowing for updates and clarity of areas you need to improve.
  2. Dialogue. Create a dialogue with your PA or employee to understand which areas of the training they enjoyed, struggled with and areas they want to focus more on.
  3. Ideas. Always be receptive to their ideas.  The more you value their input, the more they will feel confident to grow.
  4. Usage. Ensure that you use the training materials regularly within their daily and weekly tasks.  This will help to re-enforce their training concepts as they will get implemented in real-life scenarios.
  5. Mentor. A mentor programme is a good way to help guide your PA or employee into a safe training update, allowing them to speak to someone senior who can help guide them, but with less pressure than directly with the CEO or yourself.
  6. Action Plans. If you have developed action plans in your training, ensure that you regularly check in to see that they are being followed.
  7. Questions & Answers. These sessions are a great way to create dialogue and discussions on the training they have completed and might need to complete in the future.
  8. Two Way Dialogue.  Much like the questions and answers, allow your PA or employee to feel safe to ask questions and give their own feedback.
  9. Senior Staff. Encourage your senior staff to lead by example.  Your staff will help re-enforce and set goals, as well as provide inspiration for your PA and employee.
  10. Reward.  By rewarding your PA and employee for being receptive to the training and being open to being more flexible and learning more in the future, you’ll find yourself with a happier staff member and long-standing commitment.

If you are looking to train your PA or looking to recruit a new member for your team, we’d love to help you.  Polo & Tweed trains and recruits staff from around the world.  Why not get in touch with our training or recruitment team today to see how we can help you.

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