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Ruth, Chloe and Lucy

Published on December 18, 2019

Have you planned what your new resolution will be?  Have you thought about positive change you can make for the near year ahead?  Our Polo & Tweed team are always looking for ways to make resolutions which will stick to!  We would love to hear yours.  Just comment below the video and share what new years resolution you hope to make this year.

Check out our live video below!

What are you new year resolution for 2020?  Lucy, Chloe & Ruth, members of the team at Polo & Tweed are #live to discuss their aim for 2020.  With new beginnings this is a wonderful opportunity to plan for an exciting year ahead.

Top tips for Keeping a New Year Resolution

  • Keep it simple!  The more complex your resolution is, the easier it is to fall short.  So keep it simple.
  • Ensure you do it regularly, and remind yourself each day of your resolution.
  • Practice, becomes habits – so it’s easy to reach your goal if you practice as much as you can!
  • It’s OK if it evolves – sometimes you might start an idea and then it turns into another one.  That’s what makes new beginning so exciting.  Your journey is ahead of you.
  • Remember to enjoy the journey.  Don’t just focus on the goal – it can become disheartening.  Focus on the here and now, and live life to the fullest!

Polo & Tweed

Are leading experts in the domestic recruitment world and domestic staff training.  We are here for all your needs, now or in the future.  Happy new year!

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