Polo & Tweed Partner With HR Owen Bentley Berkshire


Published on June 16, 2016

CEO of Polo & Tweed Lucy Challenger was delighted to be invited to a HR Owen partners day, where she and her husband Ben Challenger (retired British Olympic Athlete) were invited to drive the Bentley latest models, followed by a lovely lunch and networking with other like minded brands.

The event was organised by Ian Barrow, the general manager of HR Owen Bentley Berkshire, and Lucy was joined by other leading brands who work in the surrounding areas.  Although Polo & Tweed is based in Mayfair, London, Lucy moved to West Berkshire before the birth of her son Noah, as she wanted to raise a family surrounded by nature.  Her team at Polo & Tweed regularly place staff in the home counties, including Berkshire, so she is extremely familiar with the area.

Pangbourne BentleyThe day started with a welcome briefing by Ian at the showroom in Pangbourne and then without further ado we were introduced to our professional instructors and handed the keys to the first car.  Our first instructor was to be a chap called Ben who has worked as a professional racing driving and track instructor.  We were in good hands.

Lucy decided to leave the driving to her husband so that she could enjoy relaxing in the back of the beautiful cars, enjoy the scenery and the views.  The first car they stepped into was the Continental GT.  A luxury car which Lucy and Ben are already familiar with, the subtle power and beauty of the car is unparalleled.  It is executive to its highest degree and it is both comfortable to drive and to be passenger in.

Although we were winding down somewhat narrow roads, the car handled extremely well, effortless in its application to connect with the road.  The steering was smooth and easy to control.  It was impossible to deny the extremely high finish of the car both in the exterior but in particular the interior.  After all, cars may be beautiful to look at, but if you are privileged to own one of these, you want the experience inside the car to the of the very highest.


Bentley Bentayga20 minutes later we paused at a country stop off to jump out and were handed the keys to the next model Bentayga.  Lucy was particularly excited about this car, as she has a passion for 4x4s and enjoys sitting up high.  She also finds them practical for family life, as you are able to throw in the buggy plus all the vital accessories every baby must have!

Practicality for Lucy is always the key to buying a new car.  Again Lucy and Ben were impressed by the total luxury, combined with practicality this car offered.  The driving experience was smooth and responsive and although a large car, felt compact to maneuver down the winding country lanes.  There was complete control in climate and it had all the little well thought out designs to allow for complete comfort and practicality for any family, both in the front and rear of the car.


Ben and LucyWe arrived at our destination, the beautiful Danesfield House and enjoyed a quick photo opportunity.  The sunshine was glorious and we enjoyed looking around the grounds before our lunch.

Over lunch Ian discussed the partnership with local like-minded brands.  A place for businesses to connect and those with similar clientele.  Ultimately our businesses share the same clients, and if a client was to need our advice on buying luxury cars, then we would want to be able to refer them to someone we trust.

Ian and his team most certainly offer that, a dealership that is honest, approachable and has the highest integrity in their business.  They are also situated next door to HR Owen Aston Martin and HR Owen Lambourghini, so if our clients are in the market for something a little different to the Bentley then Ian can certainly connect us with the right people.  After a glorious lunch and excellent discussions, we left the dining room and were handed the keys to the third car.


Wow.  Lucy quickly changed her mind about her need for practicality!  Now she sat (in the quite spacious) rear of the Continental GT Convertible with the roof down and glorious sunshine (but not too hot) lighting the way, we departed on our journey home.  This car was stunning.  It perhaps epitomises what the Bentley brand is about.  Luxury, class, the very highest workman ship in design and comfort and the very highest standard of style.

This car sounded amazing too, and with the roof down we were able to enjoy some rather ‘meaty’ noises from the engine.  Saying that, this car has ample space for passengers and actually a reasonable sized boot, so Lucy might forget her love of 4x4s when she next looks to buy a car – she was smitten!

GroundsWe stopped at the final changeover station before being handed the keys to the final model the Flying Spur.  This is considered Bentley’s flagship model and is suitable to be driven or ideally have your Chauffeur drive you.  It is a very large car, but you don’t feel overly cumbersome.  In fact in the rear of the car you are surprised by the ample space and comfort as one might expect in a car this size and for this type of client.

It also handles extremely well and the power is noticeable.  Of course as long as you have a Chauffeur you won’t have any issues trying to park, but if you do have to park it yourself the camera and advanced sensors make life a great deal easier!

We returned shortly afterwards to the showroom and grudgingly gave back the keys to the beautiful Bentleys. Both Lucy and Ben thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with Ian and his team, and Polo & Tweed are delighted to be partners with HR Owen and share the stories of this and future days out.  If you’d like to know more about these wonderful cars and be personally connected with Lucy and Ian, please do get in touch.

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