10 Ways To Get Your Time Back with A Personal Assistant

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Published on December 26, 2017

A personal assistant can save you more than 30 hours a week. That’s over 120 hours per month! What you do with your free time is up to you. This infographic shows the top 10 ways to get your time back with the help of a personal assistant. Depending on your work and home life, these hours will vary (you might be able to save even more time!).

See how much time you can save on various tasks with some trusted help.

Ways To Save Time with a PA

10 Ways A PA Can Save You Time

More About How A PA Can Help You Save Time

Household Work

Get help with routine tasks around the house and save up to 7 hours each week. Bill management, meals, and maintenance are a great place to start. Make sure you are clear about what your PA is willing to help with before you hire. If you’re not sure, you can learn more about what a PA does and does not do before you start your search.

Spend the time you save around the house regenerating with some “me” time or relaxing with your family.


A quick stop at the store for groceries is rarely as easy as it sounds. Save time on daily errands and reduce your to-do stress by outsourcing these tasks to your assistant. Not only can you save over 3 hours every week, but you can also improve your diet by eliminating the temptation of buying unhealthy foods when shopping. 

Diary Management

From business meetings to health check-ups, have a trusted assistant to keep you on time and ahead of the game. Prevent dropped appointments and last-minute decisions caused by poor diary management. 

A great way to assess your needs is to start tracking your time. Record the time you spend on tasks like managing your diary and see how much it adds up after a week or two. You may be surprised to find how much time you really spend on tasks that can be easily outsourced to an assistant.

Note Taking

Don’t miss a thing. Your PA can take notes in meetings and record reminders throughout the day freeing you up to concentrate on more important tasks. You may only save a few hours each week, but the real value comes from remembering the important things and big ideas you would have otherwise lost. 

Event Planning

If you’ve ever planned as much as a friendly get together, you know how much effort it takes. Let your PA recommend ideas, coordinate the details, and send out invites while reporting to you on key decisions. This area can vary significantly depending on your profession and how social you are. The great thing about a PA is their flexibility! Just make sure you hire a personal assistant that fits your needs. 


Formal or informal, delegating this task is one of the biggest time savers. Save time on research for your next business presentation or your next dinner date. You can easily recoup 5 hours a week by delegating efficiently. This alone can reduce your stress considerably.


Picking up your little ones from school can be the best part of your day, but it can also cause stress. Just knowing you have a trusted assistant there when you need them to pick up or drop off can bring you peace of mind.

If you have children and are considering full or part time help, you can also look into professional nannies. A Nanny PA is a great option for business professionals that need both types of help but don’t necessarily need a PA and a Nanny.

Phone Management

Depending on your business (or social life) phone call filtering can easily save you five or more hours per week. 

Interruptions can throw off the productivity of your whole day and unexpected calls is one of the biggest threats. Make sure your PA knows what constitutes an emergency and what can wait. Have your PA brief you once or twice a day and plan your time accordingly. A good PA will be able to take action on 80% or more of the calls without needing to interrupt you.


There is nothing worse than scrambling for something you’ve lost at the last minute. Stop wasting time searching for a document you’ve misplaced. Develop a system, teach your PA how to use it, and save yourself the headache caused by being unorganized.


Have you ever missed a birthday or a special event with your loved one? Scrambling the last minute to catch up isn’t fun. Have you PA remind you ahead of time and help with ideas or execution so you can deliver a thoughtful gift on special occasions.

Finding The Right PA

As you can tell, you’ll need to find a PA that fits your needs. The search is not easy and you should expect to invest time in getting your PA up to speed before you can reach all of your time saving goals. The better PA you hire, the easier your life will be.

Did you find these 10 ways to get your time back with a personal assistant, helpful? At Polo & Tweed we specialize in finding and hiring personal assistants for our clients. If you’re interested in hiring a PA or want to know more about how a PA can help you, get in touch with us today.

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