Why You Should Hire a House Manager for House Renovations

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Published on May 20, 2020

Are you embarking on house renovations? Maybe that long-awaited extension to the house? A complete refurb? Full modernisation? Whatever building works you might be considering. You should hire a House Manager for your house renovations! Just make sure your House Manager will wear the correct PPE at all times. But having a House Manager there will make the process so much easier, and it will run a lot smoother.

Take the stress out of building works. This is why you should hire a House Manager for House renovations.

House Manager = Project Manager

When people hear the title House Manager, they do not instantly think of someone who can run a building project. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The great thing about a House Manager is that they come from all different types of backgrounds, all with specific skills. Many House Managers have run lots of building and refurbishing projects before. And those are the ones you want to look out for. Because basically, a House Manager in times of building works will become your project manager.

Many people hire a House Manager specifically for the house renovations they are planning on doing. Make sure you check CVs and background for experience in similar projects, as that will make a big difference.

A House Manager is used to run big projects, delegate tasks, budget, and manage staff. They can do all of that exactly for the house renovations you have in mind! Make sure you employ the House Manager well before the start of the project. As this is where lots of value will already start. Your House Manager will be able to help with all the early stages of the house renovations. From getting quotes and finding the right subcontractors, to getting a plan set up for you and your family to continue being able to live a normal life. In the midst of all the building works.

And you might even find that your House Manager has done such a great job after the house renovations have been completed, that they can stay on for other tasks too!


Having a House Manager for House Renovations is key to stay within budget. Anyone who has ever embarked on any sort of building or renovation works might know that cost can be a real challenge. There can be lots of hidden or extra costs that you might not have thought about at the beginning of the project.

This is where your House Manager comes in! An experienced House Manager will know how to make a schedule of rates and set an exact cost plan and budget before you even start. Not only this, but your House Manager will also make sure to check the cost of the works regularly as they are ongoing. To make sure everything is accounted for, but also to make sure that you won’t go over budget before it is too late to recover cost!

Deal with Contractors

Having building works going on in your house can be extremely stressful. Not just because of the noise and the mess, but because of the constant incoming and outgoing of contractors.

It can be really challenging to manage different workpeople and subcontractors in your house. But again, here comes the House Manager to the rescue!

The House Manager will have a daily schedule knowing exactly who will come in and at what time they are supposed to leave. The House Manager will manage the, deal with any queries they may have, and also make sure that they are who they say they are. Especially when you have a large project going on, it can become unclear who actually belongs on-site and who doesn’t. Your House Manager will have a strict access system set up, where any contractors will have to check-in and out.

Making sure that contractors all do their designated work, the House Manager will be actively engaged with any subcontractors to make sure that the project is on track, and any issues can be dealt with straight away.

Extra Skills

After your renovation works have finished, you definitely want to consider keeping your House Manager on. They have so many skills and bring so much to the table. It really depends per person, what their background and specialty are. But the below gives you a rough idea of the abundance of skills a House Manager can bring:

  • Ensuring the household/estate and grounds are run smoothly and efficiently at all times
  • Supervising and managing other staff members
  • Organising and liaising with outside contractors
  • Training other staff members
  • Organising and overseeing maintenance of the property
  • Ensuring the property is secure at all times
  • Organising family and household events
  • Greeting and caring for guests and visitors
  • Serving drinks and food
  • Chauffeur duties
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Taking responsibility for the household inventory. Also ensuring that supplies are always replenished
  • Answer the telephone and door
  • Arrange entertainment for social gatherings and events
  • Arrange all aspects of moving house if the client is moving
  • Be in charge of the budgets of the household
  • Make travel and holiday arrangements
  • Packing of luggage
  • Recruit and interview for new staff
  • Maintain records where needed
  • Perform any other tasks, within reason, required by the employer

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Are you considering starting house renovations, and would you like to understand what it means to hire a House Manager? Polo & Tweed can help! We have an outstanding selection of House Managers on our books for households all over the world. Please give us a call on 0203 858 0233 to discuss your household needs, or you can get in touch with us via our website.

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