Butler Tip: What To Do When You Receive An Unusual Request

Published on August 20, 2016

What happens if a client asks you to do an unusual task? Quick Answer:

Professional Butler Tip:

What to do when a client asks you to complete an unusual task?

Every client has their own expectations about what their likes and dislikes are. You have to actually adapt for what the client asks of you and perform that duty to the best of your ability without actually thinking it’s silly or stupid.



How To: Find A Job as a Domestic Worker

Published on March 28, 2016

Find your dream domestic job.

Are you looking for a job as a domestic worker? Perhaps you are already a seasoned professional and it’s time to move to your next position, or perhaps you are fresh out of school after watching Downtown Abby and are fascinated about the world of service?

The domestic job search process can be at times daunting, and it’s vital that you ensure you take well thought our decisions to protect your data and your safety. Different cultures and different countries all approach staff differently, so make sure you are fully informed before you make any decision that may affect your career or life.  So take your time and do your research.  Here are some top tips to help you prepare and find a job as a domestic worker.

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6 Things To Consider Before Training Your Staff

Published on March 21, 2016

Household Staff & Domestic Worker Training – The Right Way

For many clients, domestic staff are a part of their lives in their properties around the world.  Often these staff members become an integral part of the family and property network, providing the principals with the desired care and attention they require.

From time to time, however, standards can slip.  Now is the difficult decision as to let a staff member go or undertake domestic staff training. If you have decided on staff training you will want to ensure you get the best for you staff because it will be reflected in the way your home functions.

We’ve put together these six tips to consider before selecting a training service.


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Using A Domestic Staffing & Recruitment Agency to Find Help or Get Hired

Published on March 16, 2016

Protect your family and protect yourself

You’ve decided you want to use an agent to help you find your next domestic member of staff or find your next job – great!  But now the daunting steps of where to even begin.

With multiple agencies in London and around the world how does using a domestic staffing agency help you find help?  Does it help you get your dream job or is it all a waste of time? At times it can feel like a minefield, and you ultimately want to protect yourself, your family and ensure that if you apply for a job you don’t end up in a sticky or dangerous situation.  That’s where using an agency can help cut through the potential risks and give you peace of mind.

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