7 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Cleaning The House


Published on April 19, 2020

Cleaning your house is rarely a favourite task for anyone to do. But it is one of those things that really has to be done. So why not be really efficient about it! Did you know there are probably quite a few things you are doing wrong when you are cleaning your house? And to get it done quickly and efficiently, make sure you are aware of these.

So what are the things you are doing wrong when cleaning the house?

Using one cleaning cloth for multiple areas

A big thing to do wrong when cleaning your house is to use one cloth for different surfaces. Think about using the same cloth for the kitchen as the bathroom. This is definitely something you do not want to do! As this is the quickest way to spread germs across the house. Make sure you designate different colour cloths to different areas. Blue for bathroom, green for kitchen, for example. And also make sure you wash them regularly and properly. If you have done a big clean in your bathroom you really should be washing your cloth in the washing machine afterward. Washing your cloths separately from your other laundry at 60 degrees ideally without softener. This way you have the best chance to get the germs out and have them clean ready to be used again.

You Spend A Fortune On Expensive Cleaning Products

Are you easily persuaded by a fancy looking label or a luxurious brand? When it comes to cleaning your house, the old fashioned, natural products are often much more effective than fancy cleaning products. They can also contain a lot of chemicals which is bad for the environment. Bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, and castile soap are often as effective as your fancy shop bought bottles. It will also save you lots of money. So time to switch to natural, perhaps!

You’re forgetting to clean this part of the toilet

Do you know the part of the toilet where the toilet seat is connected to the bowl? Chances are you are not cleaning in and around this area when you are wiping the toilet down. A big thing to do wrong when cleaning the house, because this area tends to collect most germs and bacteria! So whenever you are giving that toilet seat a wipe, from now on give this area a quick clean too. And do not forget the flush button or handle! People will touch this every single time when using the bathroom – so this again is a breeding space for nasty germs.

You’re not cleaning the inside of the vacuum cleaner

Have you ever even thought about cleaning the inside of the vacuum cleaner? Depending on what type you have, this will be a different procedure. More old fashioned vacuum cleaners will still have a bag on the inside of the machine. This really needs to be emptied once it’s about 2/3 filled up. If you do not use your vacuum cleaner that often, you want to empty the bag more often. Because if you wait for weeks and weeks chances are there will be food leftovers in the bag you have hoovered up that will start getting mouldy. The same goes for the vacuum cleaners without the bags. You need to fully clear all dust out of it, give the inside a wipe with a wet cloth regularly and make sure you clean the filter too.

You’re spraying cleaning product directly on the surface

A big thing that very many people do wrong when cleaning the house! It seems so simple and straight forward right? Just spray the cleaning product on the surface, and wipe it off. No! For most surfaces you are much better off in spraying the cleaning product on your cleaning cloth or towel, and then wipe it onto the surface. This way you will not damage or stain the surface, nor will you use too much product. Too much product on a surface can have a counter effect, not cleaning it at all.

You’re using the wrong cleaning cloths

Have you ever looked at what type of cleaning cloth you are using for the material you are trying to clean? The structure and material of the cloth really makes a difference in how effective your cleaning will be. There are many different types of cloths out there, and all have been especially developed to be most effective for their cleaning task. You should never use a dusting cloth to wipe a wet surface, for example. A wet cloths will not be able to absorb the dust actually creating more mess than what you started out with. So check what cloths you have, label them if necessary to you will not make that cleaning mistake again. You will be able to clean much quicker and more efficiently when using the right cloth for the right surface. If you want to really step up your game, read more about the best cleaning cloths in this article here.

You’re mopping the floor with hot water

Are you guilty of this cleaning mistake? Lots of people are! If you are mopping your floor with soap (or cleaning product) and water, you really should not be using (boiling) hot water. Firstly the hot water can really damage the floor, depending on its surface. Secondly, hot water will evaporate much quicker, leaving lots of soapy residue on your floor. You will be much better off with cooler water. If you still want to use warm water, you’ll be more effective using just water and a mop – and leave the soap out.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

It is very easy to do things wrong when cleaning your house. A mistake is easily made. You might want to get a professional in, so you don’t have to worry about any of these things anymore. Knowing no mistakes will be made!

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