Work Tips: How To Deal With Stress


Published on June 7, 2020

Whatever industry you are in, whatever job you have. Stress can be present at any time for you at work. And although some, or a little bit of stress can be a healthy motivator – too much can be dangerous, and very unhealthy. Both mentally and physically. So it is important to know how to deal with stress. So, therefore, next in our series of Work Tips: How to deal with stress!

Find out our 10 tips on how to deal with stress at work.

Work Tip 1: Learn To Say No

Lots of times, stress at work starts because you are taking on too much. Too many tasks, too many projects. Learn how to say no to things that you know will be too much for you. It might feel counterintuitive, especially if you like to please people. But in the end, you can only do so much. And your employer also benefits much more from you being able to do your work well, and not have a sick and unhappy employee!

Work Tip 2: See Perspective

Sometimes, when you are stuck in work, everything can feel overwhelming. And it can feel you are in a real bubble of work – where every task is of the utmost importance. That feeling can be quite overwhelming, but it’s important to try and see perspective. Is this project, or task really as important as you are making it feel? In a year’s time, would you look back at it still finding it so important? Try to step away from it, and look at it with a bit of perspective. Is it really worth you losing so much sleep over?

Work Tip 3: The 80/20 Rule

Do you know the 80/20 rule? It states that 80% of all outcomes, come from 20% of all input. This counts the same for your work! So focus on the really important stuff and the things that are most likely to get your results.

Work Tip 4: Don’t Help Colleagues Too Much

Don’t try to rescue and help everyone else. Let go of what you cannot change – and this might mean disappointing some colleagues who are normally used to you helping them out loads! But if you do not let go of these extra things, they will always automatically rely upon you. Giving you much more stress to deal with. Which means always having more pressure put on you.

Work Tip 5: Take A Break

Taking a break in your working day is essential. It is even a legal governmental requirement, and it is absolutely needed to deal with stress. You cannot be on ‘go’ for 8/10 hours straight. Take a break in time. Get some fresh air, go for a short walk. Remove yourself from your work environment for even a couple of minutes, and you will feel better for it.

Work Tip 6: Sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial if you are battling with stress at work. It will give you energy, makes you feel healthier and revitalised. Make sure you go to bed in time so that you wake up rested, with the energy to take on another day. If you need more help with this, follow these great sleeping tips here.

Work Tip 7: Stop Being Perfect

Or at least trying to be! Even the most educated, intelligent, or experienced person will still make mistakes. So accept that you will make mistakes. And you will learn from them. See it as a positive, a learning experience to make change a way you do something, and to better yourself. Putting pressure on yourself to try and not make mistakes will cause you a lot of stress. And, you guessed it, you will probably end up making more mistakes because you are too stressed too focus.

Work Tip 8: Find A Job You Love

If you are stuck in a job that you do not enjoy, chances are your stress levels will be high. Or at least much higher than someone who loves their job! So find your niche, your passion, and a job in this. No job will ever be perfect. And chances are you mainly work to make money, provide for yourself or your family, etc. But find something that you can find some enjoyment in – and your stress levels will be much lower.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Hopefully these tips on how to deal with stress will help you. However, if you find yourself deeply unhappy in your job, it might be time for a change. Have you ever considered a different job or a completely different career? Why not give us a call to chat about what opportunities there may be for you. From finding a different job in your own sector to retraining for a completely new career!  To find out more about what options are out there for you, do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!

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