The Glamour Of The Domestic Staff Industry


Published on March 26, 2021

Are you fascinated with the glamour of the domestic staff industry? There are many television shows and movies nowadays that showcase the glamorous side of domestic staff. Working in the most beautiful settings. Travelling around the world. And hearing the best stories about high society. But is working in the domestic staff industry as glamourous as it seems?

As with any job, and probably anything portrayed in glamourous tv shows and literature. Nothing truly is what it seems. Working in the domestic staff industry sounds amazing. Travel, glitzy palaces and shiny outfits. But the reality of it is that it is a job. And a job that consists of hard work, long hours and not so glamourous late-night shifts. You will be serving the champagne, not drinking it. Still, for the right person, it can be a truly exciting and rewarding job. But don’t be fooled by what you may see or read in fictitious movies and literature! Are you cut out for a career in the domestic staff industry?

A Love For Service and People

What’s really important, when you might consider a job in the domestic staff industry, is that you love providing service. As well as a passion for helping people! whatever job role you may have – service to your principal or family you work for, is always at the heart of it. Whether you are a nanny working with a busy family with children. A housekeeper, responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of a large estate. Or a private butler travelling with your Principal everywhere they go. Your work is focused on providing service for the people you work for. So it is a very personal, personable job to do.

Be Able To Adapt Per Household

Even though some tasks can be generic, the actual job will always differ per household or family. A housekeeper for one household might be required to do completely different tasks than for another. And always be focused on that you are providing a service and helping people. If that comes naturally to you, and you enjoy going the extra mile. Then the domestic staff industry might be for you!

Enjoy Working Long Hours

Now, this is something that can really differ per job, so can be considered a slight generalisation. however, working in the domestic staff industry is not like working in an office. A family does not ‘stop’ at 5 pm. And if you are, in whatever fashion, part of the family life, you will unlikely have a 9-5 role. So be willing and expect to work longer hours than a normal office job. And potentially odd hours too. Working evenings and weekends is no surprise for many in the industry. It will likely be those times that the family will need you most.

Of course, all this will be set within the boundaries of legal working hours. There are only so many hours you are legally allowed to work per day. Before you are allowed a break or a full day off. But still, you need to be happy to get stuck in and work odd hours. And not have a 9-5 office hour mentality!

The Art Of Discretion and

Are you a naturally discrete person? Can you keep things to yourself? And do you like to be in the background? Then you might be in the right industry, as domestic staff. If you are a really outgoing personality who likes to be the centre of attention. Then it potentially might not be suited. As mentioned above, it all comes down to personal preference by the family. Some people prefer a really outgoing, bubbly nanny, for example.

Present Yet Invisible

But in general, your skill should be to be there, but not present. It is often said that a good butler will be in the room, yet invisible. Knowing what their Principals need, before they have asked it. But with being in the room, or the same house, as the people you work for. Can instantly come with its complications. Working in a private household, it will almost be unavoidable to overhear private conversations. Or experience family dynamics or business decisions that should not be heard outside of the private household.

So you need to be able to be extremely discrete. Whatever you may (accidentally) overhear, should never be repeated. And make sure you are aware of the fact that you are working in someone’s private space. Give them the privacy needed. Do not start cleaning a room extensively when the family is having breakfast together, for example. It’s those subtle nuances that you need to know, to work really well in the industry. The unwritten rules. reading the room to know when you can or cannot do something. The art is in the detail. There is much you can learn though. through training, and also through experience. But being the right personality will definitely make it more comfortable for yourself too!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Are you more clear on the glamour of the domestic staff industry? And more importantly, what it actually is like. And what it would take to do well in the industry? Whatever type of domestic staff you are, or would like to become, we can help! We have worked in and with the best of the domestic staff industry for many years. So we are here to offer any advice you may need.

If you want to look into training options, look no further either. Training, as mentioned above,  can be great for so many stages in your career. Why not have a look at our training academy here and have a browse through all the training options. And why not give us a call to chat about how to be successful in the domestic staff industry!

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