Cleaning Hacks Professional Housekeepers Use


Published on August 27, 2020

Do you want to clean like a Housekeeper professional? You’ve come to the right place! Find out some great cleaning hacks professional Housekeepers use in their day to day jobs in high-end hotels and private homes and estates. You will not know how you ever cleaned your house without knowing these specialist tips!

So what are the best cleaning hacks that professional Housekeepers use daily?

Cleaning Hacks: Dustmite On Your Mattress

To get rid of dust mite, add a couple of drops of essential oil to bicarbonate of soda. Spread this out over your mattress. (Just make sure you take off all the sheets and covers first!). Then, vacuum clean the mattress thoroughly. It will give it a great smell and keep dust mite at bay.

Cleaning Hacks: Greasy Pots & Pans

Do you struggle to clean your pots and pans after a dinner party or that Sunday Roast? No longer! Before you rinse out your pans – stop! Add washing up liquid to the dirty pots, pans, and oven dishes. Mix the washing up liquid with the fat residue on the pots. The best way to do this is with your hands – just make sure you wear clean up gloves. The mixing will make sure that the fat and dirt will start clinging onto the washing up liquid. It will lift all the grease so that you can then simply just rinse it off without any residue!

Cleaning Hacks: Home Made All-Purpose Cleaner

Stop spending lots of money on expensive shop-bought cleaning products! They might contain lots of chemicals, which is not good for you, the environment, children, and pets. And it will cost you a fortune. Whilst the best, most natural cleaning product was hiding in your cupboards all along.

Mix 2 teaspoons of bicarb with 1/2 a cup of vinegar and 1 cup of cold water. And there you have it! The most effective, completely natural, and very low budget all-purpose cleaner you can use for the whole house.

Try it to clean smears and stains from any of your glassware and you will be shocked by how effective it will be.

Cleaning Hacks: Organise Your Bed Linen

Do you find your bed linen all over the place in cupboards? Can you never find the matching sheets to its pillowcases? No longer! Once your sheets and cases are clean and dry, fold your sheets nicely and tidily. Then use the pillowcases to slide the sheets into, like a bag.  Not only will it look very tidy. It will save you a great amount of space. And you will always have the matching sets right at hand when you need them.

Cleaning Hacks: The Magic Trick Against Glass & Mirror Stains

How many different types of glass, mirrors, and bathroom cleaning products do you use? There probably are quite a few you try! But do you know the ultimate cleaning hack professional Housekeepers use to get those mirrors and shower doors streak-free and sparkling?

It’s water! Just water.

Use a clean, wet cloth to wipe down the surface, say a mirror. Then repeat with a completely dry, clean cloth. Have a go – you’d be surprised at how clean it gets. And most importantly – no streaks!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you feel you can clean your house like a pro, with these cleaning hacks? Or do you need more help? Why not consider getting the pro to you, by hiring a Housekeeper! They are the top professionals and will know exactly what to do to keep your house perfectly clean, and hygienic to the highest standards. If you would like help in finding a great new Housekeeper for your household – why not contact Polo & Tweed now? With the best candidates all over the world, the highly experienced recruitment consultants will provide the best service. Making the process easy, smooth, and efficient for you and your family!


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