What is a House Manager?

Published on September 18, 2019

Are you a Butler or Housekeeper wondering what the next step in your career is?

Or maybe you are considering hiring someone to manage your household but are unsure on the typical duties of a House Manager.

Here we discuss what a House Manager is and what their responsibilities include.

What is a House Manager?

Many clients are now looking for not only a Butler or Housekeeper, but someone who can manage their household completely. The House Manager may be the only member of staff in a smaller household. Or they may be in charge of a number of other household staff.


The role of a House Manager can be varied and differs depending on the client and their household. General responsibilities of the House Manager would be: overseeing the smooth running of the house, ensuring good general upkeep and maintenance of the property and land. The House Manager may supervise other household staff, ensuring that their work is up to a high standard, general administration and managing budgets, and liaising with contractors.

The responsibility of a House Manager is typically more than that of the Butler or Housekeeper, however, smaller households may combine Butler and House Manager, or Housekeeper and House Manager into one role. Employees may also be able to be promoted from one of these positions into House Manager, depending on the household.

House Managers can have many responsibilities and these can vary a lot depending on the type and size of the property they are managing. Some typical duties can include:

  • Ensuring the household/estate and grounds are run smoothly and efficiently at all times
  • Supervising and managing other staff members
  • Organising and liaising with outside contractors
  • Training other staff members
  • Organising and overseeing maintenance of the property
  • Ensuring the property is secure at all times
  • Organising family and household events
  • Greeting and caring for guests and visitors
  • Serving drinks and food
  • Chauffeur duties
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Taking responsibility for the household inventory and ensuring that supplies are always replenished
  • Answer telephone and door
  • Arrange entertainment for social gatherings and events
  • Arrange all aspects of moving house if the client is moving
  • Be in charge of the budgets of the household 
  • Make travel and holiday arrangements
  • Packing of luggage
  • Recruit and interview for new staff
  • Maintain records where needed
  • Perform any other tasks, within reason, required by the employer

As you can see, a House Manager can take on a variety of different roles, and in smaller households they may be taking on the role of both Housekeeper and House Manager, or Butler and House Manager. Whereas in a larger property or estate, the House Managers role may be solely focused on the management of the property. 


House Managers experience completely depends on how long they have been working in the field, as well as the type and size of the properties they have worked in. They may have previous experience working as a domestic staff member in (this could be as a Butler, Housekeeper, etc.):

  • Working in large properties or estates
  • Looking after multiple properties
  • Managing other staff
  • Working in properties overseas
  • Working in Commercial or Hotel settings. 

Qualifications and Skills

If you are looking to become a House Manager, you may want to consider if you have the desired skills and qualifications below. 

If you are looking to hire someone to manage your household, you may want to consider hiring someone who shows some or all of the desired qualifications and skills below:

  • The may have a related certified qualification – for example, Butler, Housekeeper or House Management training
  • Experience in a private household or commercial setting/hotel
  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge or Training in etiquette 
  • Experience or Training in Silver Service
  • Expertise in caring for fine arts, antiques, silver, china, and cars
  • A great eye for detail
  • Ability to deliver a discreet and confidential service

How Polo & Tweed’s House Management Training Can Prepare You for Success in Your Career as a House Manager:

We provide house management and housekeeper training that covers all aspects of home management, service, and specialised cleaning. Either through private or group classes, our trainers are household management professionals ready to teach you the skills you will need to thrive. We provide a hands-on training environment that emphasises skill repetition and feedback. If you would like more information about our training – contact us on 0203 858 0233.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help You Find the Perfect House Manager:

If you are a client, looking for a House Manager for your own household, we can help you today! Please give us a call on 0203 858 0233 to discuss your household needs!

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