How To Stand Out in a Housekeeping Interview


Published on July 24, 2020

Do you know how to stand out in a Housekeeping interview? It is a crucial part of the recruitment process! And it can be a real make or break moment. Which can mean you either get your dream job. Or you lose out. So to avoid risking that, make sure you come prepared.

So how do you stand out in a Housekeeping interview?

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

You will probably have heard of this saying, right? But it really is true! It is absolutely crucial that you prepare well for your interview. And that will consist of lots of different things.

When a future employer sees you are prepared, it will instantly leave a good impression. As being organised and prepared are two key elements for successful Housekeepers! So even if you are not confident about your CV or experience, for example. Being prepared can already make you stand out during a housekeeping interview.

Never be late

The first thing about being prepared is to prepare your route. Even though it might seem easy to get there. Calculate any potential delays in your travel time. It is much better to arrive a lot earlier than rushing in. Being late is an impression you really cannot offset with anything else during an interview. So before you even started the interview, you could already have left a bad impression. Avoid, by planning your route so that you will never be late.

Understand the role

Do you know all the details you could find out about the role? If you want to stand out in a housekeeping interview, then this is key. They will probably ask you questions about the role. If you have worked in similar setups, for example. Or if you have experience with some of the tasks requested. So make sure you have the answers to this by knowing the job spec. Make sure you print your CV, the job spec and any qualifications and bring them with you to the interview.

The least you should have done is read the job spec, properly. But also see if you can do more background research. If it is a private household, can your recruiter tell you more about them? If it is a corporate setting, make sure you have done research online about the company and what they stand for. Being able to mention some facts about the company, and why you feel you match with them, is a positive thing.

Dress/Look the part

To stand out in a housekeeping interview, make sure you dress the part. Whatever the set up of the role is, make sure you dress formally. Even though the job itself might be a little more casual. A job interview is a way of presenting yourself in the best way. And showing up in a formal outfit shows you have made the effort to impress.

Make sure you are not wearing too much jewellery, avoid heavy make up and cover up tattoos where possible. The family might be more conservative, so its best to be safe than sorry. Do not show too much cleavage, don’t wear shorts or a short skirt either. For women, avoid too high heels and no trainers!

Make sure you smell clean and fresh – a quick mint to freshen your breath before you go in can do wonders. But don’t chew gum, and definitely do not smoke.

Prepare Questions

Finally, you want to make sure you prepare questions to stand out in a housekeeping interview. Make sure they are suited to the role. A couple of safe and positive questions could be:

  • Are you replacing an old Housekeeper or is this a new role?
  • What is the recruitment process, will there be a trial?
  • What would a typical working day look like?
  • Are there any other housekeepers to work alongside?
  • When will I hear about the next steps?

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