Does A Gardener Need A DBS?

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Published on February 9, 2021

Do you wonder if a gardener needs a DBS? Whether you are a gardener yourself. Or if you are looking to hire a gardener. It is important to know what a DBS is, who would need one. And of course, how to get one too!

What Is A DBS?

If you are looking whether a gardener needs a DBS, we need to understand fully first what it means. So, a DBS check stands for Disclosure and Barring Service. You might have heard of it previously been referred to as a CRB check (Criminal Bureau Service), as that is its previous name.

Simply put, a DBS is a certificate which states you are ‘cleared’ to work with children and vulnerable adults. Which practically means you do not or did not have any criminal convictions.

Types Of DBS Available

Standard DBS

A standard DBS is a cheapest and most basic form you can get. A standard DBS will check for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, final warnings, and reprimands. Some employers might be ok with a standard DBS, but many will want an enhanced one. So this is worth checking before you apply for one.

Enhanced DBS

An enhanced DBS is one step up. For anyone who may work near or with children and vulnerable adults, this is a suited option. An enhanced DBS includes the same as the standard DBS check plus any additional information held by local police that’s reasonably considered relevant to the role being applied for.

Enhanced DBS with list checks

Finally, there is an enhanced DBS with list checks. Similar to the abovementioned enhanced check.  However, this also includes a check of the DBS barred lists.

Who Can Apply For A DBS?

If you are a gardener yourself and you want to get a DBS check, you cannot apply for one on your own. One way to do it, is for your employer to request one on your behalf. You can also go directly through one of the registered bodies for DBS applications, who will be able to apply for you. Polo and Tweed is a registered body and we can help you with applying for a DBS.

How Long Is A DBS Check Valid For?

There is no official expiry date to a DBS check. Because it checks the information up until the point of conducting the check. So if you or your employer wants a newer version, you can then request a new DBS check.

How Long Does A DBS Check Take?

The length of time before a DBS check comes back can depend from several days (once submitted) up to 30 days. Rarely, but possily, it can take longer tha 30 days. This could be the case if the police or all the relevant bodies feel they need to carry out further checks on you. Once completed, a copy of  your DBS check will be sent to your current home address. You should keep the DBS Certificate as you will be required to show it to your employers or recruitment agencies.

The Optional DBS Update Service

If you register to the DBS Update Service, your employer can go online (with your consent) and carry out a free, instant check to find the information that is found on the DBS certificate. They can also check there if it’s up-to-date. More information can be found about the DBS Update Service here.

Does A Gardener Need A DBS?

As mentioned above, anyone who is working with or near children or vulnerabe adults should have an up to date DBS check. So that also counts for domestic houshold gardeners! It might not instantly occur to you as a gardener. But if you are working for a private household, chances are there might be children around. Even if you do not work with them directly – you will still be in the same area. So an up to date DBS will be needed for you to work there.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Hopefully the above on DBS certificates, and being a gardener has been informative. If you are a gardener looking for a new job, we can help!  At Polo & Tweed, we work with clients all over the world looking for a new gardener to join their household or staff team. There are small households with part time jobs, but also large estate with fulltime live-in roles. So why not get in touch now and we can help you find your next dream job as a gardener.

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