How Often Should You Clean Your House


Published on April 11, 2020

Do you know how often is the right amount to clean your house? Are you a germophobe and a clean freak, always with spray and cloths in hand? Or are you more a, once a week vacuum clean type of person? Keeping your house clean is important for your health and sanity. But it also shouldn’t be taking over your whole life!

So how often should you really clean your house?

To fully understand how often you should clean your house, it is important to look at the different areas in the home. Some areas do require daily cleaning. Others can last for a little bit longer. If you are aware of when to do what, you will never stay behind on cleaning!

Daily Tasks

Making your bed, cleaning the dishes and the kitchen worktops are part of daily tasks. If your house gets very muddy (maybe because of pets or children running in and out) you should consider a quick hoover also be part of your daily tasks. The same goes for cleaning up stains and spillage. But did you know that the following things below also should be part of your daily tasks? It will give you a much greater insight on how often you should clean your house.

Shower Drains

This is not something that should be cleaned when your bath is starting to block up. Every time you take a shower or a bath, you should clean the drain. An enormous amount of hair, soap, and bacteria can get stuck in here. And to not let it get out of hand, cleaning it daily really is the only way forward. It will save you a lot of time when it comes to doing your weekly bathroom clean!

Cleaning cloths

Did you know that within 2 hours your cleaning cloths can build up millions of bacteria? That is not hygienic to use for a very long period of time! Firstly, make sure you have different cloths for different cleaning areas. Never use the same cloth for your bathroom and your kitchen, for example. There is way too much risk of spreading germs that way. So make sure to replace your cloths regularly, daily or every other day if possible. Wash and clean them properly too to get all the germs out when you want to start using them again!

If you want to understand bacteria in your house more and how they potentially can be harmful, this great article gives more insight,



Getting rid of dust in your house should be part of your weekly tasks. And make sure to do this properly and thoroughly. Not just a quick wipe over some shelves. A weekly dust should consist of you using a damp cloth to get all the dust and bacteria off. This should be done on everything, from furniture to shelves and cupboards. Don’t forget to dust on those difficult to reach areas, such as on top of a closet. That is where lots of dust will collect itself! Doing regular dusting will make a difference in the cleanliness of your house – especially if you suffer from allergies.

Changing bedsheets

Bed sheets carry a lot of germs and bacteria from you using it every night. Even if your sheets still look clean, they really should be washing thoroughly and replaced every single week. If you know you sweat a lot, or if you maybe have pets that sometimes come on the bed. Then you could consider changing them midweek too – if you have the time for it! Having clean sheets will really make a big difference in how you sleep, but also for potential allergies.

Microwave & Fridge

Yes, these

also need a good clean every single week! These are items that are being used a lot on a daily basis. They can also carry lots of bacteria from spilled or leftover food and drinks. And leaving these areas to be cleaned for too long can really cause a nasty build-up of unhealthy bacteria. Just using a damp cloth to go over all surfaces will be enough on a weekly basis to keep it clean. So it really doesn’t have to take that long! For your fridge, also make sure you do a monthly deep clean here. This means taking everything out, throwing anything away that might have gone off and give all the surfaces a deep clean.


The toilet is the ultimate build-up of germs! Cleaning this weekly is an absolute must. And make sure you do not just clear the toilet seat – but also the bottom and the back of the toilet unit can carry a lot of germs. If you have quite a few people in your household all using the same bathroom and toilet, it might be worth it wiping the toilet clean every day or every other day. That way when you do your weekly full bathroom clean, it will be much easier to get that done.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

If you can take anything away from al the above, is that keeping a house clean is not a simple task. And it can be time-consuming too, realising now how often you really should clean your house. A housekeeper can be a great investment for you and your household, You might want to consider hiring a Housekeeper – even if this is part-time. Polo & Tweed are world leaders in finding and placing the best housekeepers within households big and small all over the world. From full time live in Housekeepers to part-time roles. 

To find out more about what options work best for you, or to find a new housekeeper for your household, do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!

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