Why You Should Hire a Specifically Skilled Nanny


Published on May 12, 2020

You will most likely have heard of a Nanny, but did you know there are many different types of nannies out there? And most importantly, that they can do much more than just caring for children? Welcome to the world of the specifically skilled nanny. The options are endless, really. But we have tried to but the most common, most requested skilled nannies in this overview.

So why should you hire a specifically skilled nanny?

What is a Specifically Skilled Nanny?

Let’s look at this first. A specifically skilled nanny simply means that the nanny has an added skill besides childcare. This also means that the skill can be of direct benefit for the household or the children the nanny will be working for. There is a wide range of different skills that can fall into this category. These will be discussed in more detail below.

Childcare First

If you are looking to hire a specifically skilled nanny, make sure you have a great understanding of what the added benefit will be. Your nanny should whatever the situation, first and foremost be there to care for the children. That should be non-negotiable. So whatever extra skill your nanny has childcare is always going to be number 1. Your nanny should have experience and a background in childcare, and perhaps have the relevant qualifications for this too.

Added Skills Cost Money

If your nanny comes with a specific skill that will be of benefit for your family or children directly, be prepared to pay a premium. Nannies, in general, are in extremely high demand. And with families becoming more specific about their needs, specifically skilled nannies are very popular. Normally the salary will already be based on background and experience. You will understandably pay more for a nanny with 10 years’ experience and a childcare degree, than a junior nanny with 2 years experience.

With extra added skills, this will also translate into a higher salary. So when looking for a specifically skilled nanny, make sure you have your budget planned and clear. You don’t want to find yourself in the situation of absolutely loving one particular nanny, but not being able to afford them long term. Children can get extremely attached to having this person around. Having to let go of a nanny can be a great disruption of their routine and be very upsetting all round.

The Most Popular Specifically Skilled Nannies

As mentioned above, there are many different types of specifically skilled nannies available. When looking for a nanny like this, think about what is important for you. What do you want to get out of having a nanny? If it simply is for someone to be there and help with the kids, a specific skill might be wasted. But let the following list inspire you to see what a selection of the options can be!

Maternity Nanny

A Maternity Nanny is a nanny who specialises in babies and toddlers.  So if you have a very young baby, having a nanny with specific baby and maternity skills might be the right thing for you! Often, besides having lots of baby experience, they will also have additional qualifications. These can be things such as breastfeeding support or baby massage. Some of them might have worked as Maternity Nurses previously too.

Hiring a Maternity Nanny might be the right skilled nanny for you if you have younger children or babies from 3 months old. Simply because it can give you greater support and peace of mind in what can be a scary and challenging time.  The experience level and background of Maternity Nannies also means the salary is higher. In the UK this tends to start at £500 net or upwards depending on the package.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Nanny

If you have a child with special educational needs, there are wonderful options out there to help you and your whole family. Hiring an SEN nanny can make a massive difference. An SEN nanny will be educated and qualified in working with SEN children. So not only will they be able to provide childcare, the care goes much deeper than that. An SEN nanny knows and understands the pressures it can put on the whole family.

This person will be here to assist and handle everything that your child requires. They can also teach and educate you and the rest of the family. They can come up with practical suggestions on, for example, how to have a room or the house set up. Anything you can think of to accommodate your SEN child!

The Bilingual Nanny

Arguably one of the most popular options when going for a specifically skilled nanny is having a nanny who speaks an extra language. A recent study led by Janet Werker, a psychologist at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia, suggests that children who learn two languages at once may have increased cognitive abilities such as enhanced visual and auditory sensitivity [credit].  Also, there have been MRI scans performed on mono-language and bi-lingual children’s brains. The science shows that the brain activity of the bi-lingual children is often enhanced. This interesting research shows that exposing a young child to multiple languages it can aid in their later development. More and more families now recognise the science behind this. And are therefore looking to find a nanny who can help with this.

The ideal of the bilingual nanny is that they will teach your child or children an extra language. They might only speak to your child in that language. Or do lots of games and songs with your child to develop their language skills like this. It is a great, natural way for your child to pick up a second language!

How can Polo & Tweed help you?

Polo & Tweed are specialists in finding a nanny that exactly matches your search requirements. This includes any kind of specifically skilled nanny you can think of. Our expert recruitment consultants love a challenge and finding the exact person right for you and your household. We recognise that every client is completely unique and as such you will be treated this way. Let Polo & Tweed take the stresses of recruitment, finding the right candidates and pre-selection out of your hands! 

Polo & Tweed are there for you every step of the way. Even up to the point of hire, and through to the future. You can reach out to us here and one of our consultants will walk you through the process and give you advice to get you started.

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