Candidate of the Month: Mark

Candidate of the Month

Published on June 20, 2023

We understand that our exceptional candidates are the heart and soul of our business as a recruiting and training firm. Every one of our applicants contributes something distinctive and exceptional to the domestic help profession. And they continually inspire us. We want to present you with some of our truly great candidates of the month because of this. Considering that they merit that time in the spotlight. Additionally, we are confident that they will inspire you in the same way that they inspire us.

Candidate of the Month of June: Mark

We are very proud to present Mark to you as our candidate for the month of June. Mark is a skilled and experienced House Manager and Butler who has worked in private residences with an impressive career to date. Here are some of his quality tips for anyone starting, or working in the domestic staff industry.

What was your first ever job in the domestic industry?

Having joined the British Army after senior school I worked in a couple of hotels before becoming the Under-Butler at Woburn Abbey at the age of 21. This was a fantastic experience which immersed me in the workings of one of the grandest houses in the UK. A stark contrast from the tiny place I was renting in Soho at the time. It felt a lot like being in a novel or film with regular family gatherings, weekend house parties and shooting parties, all attended by a fascinating array of people. My three years at Woburn really were a privilege and set me on the path to a passionate career which has included me working in over 20 countries, so far!

What do you love about your job?

The diversity. As a House Manager – Butler I need to be able to jump into all of the various roles in the house to provide support. Covering the chef, nanny, housekeeper and chauffeur is the norm. In addition, realising that what I anticipate is required usually is, which generally means a win across the board.

Any advice for people looking to enter the industry?

Keep an open mind and always be flexible to the needs of the job. Being ready for anything is often the best policy, planning for the unexpected goes a long way to ensuring that you’re ready for anything.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Hopefully still loving the job with 25 years of experience. I’m passionate about what I do and the people I work with and for. For me, this is very much a lifestyle role. Sitting at a desk day after day doesn’t suit me at all and while there is always an element of administration required in the role, I much prefer the hands-on side of things.

What is your advice for anyone working with an agency like Polo & Tweed?

Work together to achieve the best outcomes. Clear, honest communication is key to building a good relationship with an agent. Ask questions but more importantly, listen to the answers. Finding the right role is hard as it’s such a personal relationship between the Principal and the employee. Providing the necessary documentation, references and CV is critical too and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you’re not sure if your CV is hitting the right note.

Any top tips for your job?

Discretion, dedication and diligence will help enormously along the way. Aside from that, enjoy it. Some days will be exhausting and you might work an extended period with a day off but that’s just part of the role. We’re not 9-5 people!

We hope you enjoyed Mark’s story and gained some understanding of his profession and career path. We can assist! Why not get in touch with us right now to talk about your options? Or feel free to take a look at our latest vacancies and apply to any positions you find suitable.

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