How A Live In Nanny Can Help Decrease Stress

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Published on February 7, 2021

Do you have a busy schedule that is leaving you stressed? If you have kids, is it hard to balance work life and spend time with your children? Did you know that a live in nanny can help decrease stress – for you and your family!

Hiring a live in nanny could be the perfect solution to decrease your stress. A nanny can offer assistance in many different areas and if they are a live in nanny they can be very flexible which is beneficial. Parents often hire Nannies for these reasons as it can be extremely difficult to work long hours and be there for the children 24/7.

In What Ways Can A Live In Nanny Decrease Stress?


A live in nanny can help children learn and improve in specific areas. They can help with any homework or assignments the children are given from school. This would be one less task for the parent to do after a busy day at work. Which sounds amazing right? They can also have peace of mind that their children are getting the work completed on time. 

They can also help with getting the kids to school or nursery each morning. Saving the parent the stress of worrying about the children being late in the morning. This makes for much calmer mornings where the parents can focus on getting ready for the day ahead. Live in nannies are normally the main part of contact with the teachers at the school or nursery. If this is the case they will be given regular updates to find out how the children are doing academically. This could be very beneficial if the parents have long working hours as they can still keep track of their child’s progress without the added pressure of communicating with the teachers.


Hiring a live in nanny could save a parent stress on a daily basis when it comes to standard childcare. This is because a live in nanny can help get the children ready for the day ahead by washing and clothing them. Again taking a task away from the parents each day. Sounds less stressful doesn’t it? 

Another possible role that a live in nanny can assist with is preparing meals for the children, ensuring they are well fed throughout the day on their shift. On top of this depending on the job specifications in the contract parents can also provide the Live in nannies with meal plans. This makes a person’s life a lot easier knowing that their children are eating well and are eating the right things.

With the current situation with the pandemic having a live in nanny as opposed to a live out nanny should also help put a parent’s mind at ease. This is because if the nanny is living at or around the house they won’t be mixing with other households. 


It is important that children get exercise and the chance to go out and play as much as possible. This can be difficult to arrange when you have deadlines to meet or phone calls to make. This is where a live in nanny comes in. A live in nanny is often asked to take the children out for trips to the park or to a friends house etc. This is to ensure that children are not stuck in and they are getting some fresh air. This again another reason why having a live in nanny is a great way to help you destress.


This is the main argument as to why a live in nanny can help reduce stress more than a regular nanny. A regular nanny can often assist with the tasks above. However, they will have a fixed schedule and will most likely not be able to work around this. Whereas, a live in nanny as they will be staying in or around the property can normally be more flexible with their hours. It is important that the family don’t abuse this position and that they respect the nannies downtime. This flexibility means in an emergency where you might be running late from work a live in nanny would be able to stay with the child until you returned. This will save a lot of unnecessary stress if a case like this was to unfold.

In conclusion, these are the many reasons why a live in nanny can help decrease stress. If you are struggling with your schedule and a live in nanny works for your family this could save you a lot of pressure.

Are you more clear now on how a live in nanny can help decrease stress? If you are interested in searching for a live in Nanny to assist with making your family routines run more smoothly we would be delighted to help. Our highly experienced consultants can help you find the perfect candidate. So why not get in touch and we look forward to speaking to you.

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