Learn To Become a Domestic Housekeeper


Published on September 23, 2021

Did you know you can learn to become a domestic Housekeeper? If you have been working in a more corporate cleaning setup. Or perhaps as a Hotel Housekeeper. The transition to becoming a domestic Housekeeper can be challenging. If you do not know what to expect! Make sure you are prepared. With the following tips and advice here.

So, how do you learn to become a domestic Housekeeper?

Difference Between Domestic / Non-Domestic Housekeepers

So, if you are looking to learn how to become a domestic Housekeeper. Then firstly it’s important to know the difference!

Simply put, if you are a domestic Housekeeper, you are working for a private household. This can be a small, two-bedroom flat. Or a large estate with several Housekeepers working in a large team together.

So the domestic part purely is regarding the fact that you do not work in a corporate environment. But rather a private household. There still can be many different types of domestic Housekeepers working in households. But there are some very key differences, between working in a hotel, for example, and a private household.

The transition

It is quite a common route for a hotel housekeeper to progress into working for a private household. And if you have never worked in a private household setting, there can be a lot to learn. To adjust to. And to get used to! You can be the most highly skilled Housekeeper in the world with all the housekeeping knowledge. But moving to a private household setup requires a different kind of mindset. And if you have never worked in a domestic setting before, it can be daunting if you are not fully prepared.

Privacy & Discretion

The first thing you need to learn when you become a domestic Housekeeper is privacy. When you are a hotel Housekeeper, chances are you will only clean areas and rooms when guests are out of the room. There will be very little to no interaction with guests at all.

This is what is different in a private household. All of a sudden you might be working in a busy household. Where your employers might not only be in the same house as where you are working. You could find yourself working in the same room as them too.

So being able to understand privacy, and discretion, are absolute key. It is about finding out what your employer prefers. Perhaps they do not mind you being in the same room as them when you are working. But perhaps they would find it really disturbing and prefer their privacy.

Understand that you are in someone’s private, home space. They do not want to feel like they are in a hotel. They want to feel secure, comfortable, and able to do whatever they want. Without feeling like you are imposing on their privacy.

So you need to understand that some people will want you to not be present in the same room, at the same time. And work your schedule around that. And if you are in the same room, always be discreet. Be polite in saying hello and goodbye. Always ask to see if it is ok for you to start working in the room where they are at. And never repeat any private conversations you might have overheard!

Working around families and children

Have you worked around children before? As a domestic Housekeeper, it can very much be a regular occurrence.

Firstly, practically you should look at getting a DBS if you do not already have one. It is quite common for an employer to pay for a DBS, but it is good to have this conversation and not assume.

But besides the documents, it is important to understand if it is something you are comfortable with. Do you like children? Do you have them yourself? Some people are natural around children and love being around them. Some people, however, are not.

And that does not make you a bad domestic Housekeeper! But it is something to think about. When you are applying for domestic Housekeeping roles, do ask about children.

And even if the family has kids, it does not automatically mean you will be working around them a lot. If the children go to school,  are at boarding school, have a nanny, or have parents doing all the sole care. There will be a small chance you will be caring for the children or be around them much.

But it is definitely a different dynamic than any hotel or corporate environment.  Households with children will likely be busy, with lots of last-minute changes and hectic mornings. Make sure you are ready for this and happy to work in this environment before taking a domestic Housekeeper job like this.

Training can help

What can really help you to learn to become a domestic Housekeeper, is specific training. You might be the highest skilled, technical housekeeper. Domestic Housekeeping requires different skills, outlooks, and mentality. And the right training programme can really help you with this!

Focusing on things as discretion, privacy, working around pets and children. Can really make a difference in how you understand a domestic Housekeeping role. Understanding if it is right for you. And if you could thrive in it! Training will give you those insights. But it will also give you confidence with your newfound skills. To apply to your new domestic Housekeeping role!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

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