A day in the life of a Chauffeur

Published on November 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered what a typical life as a private chauffeur includes?  Read on to learn about what Paul’s typical day is like, working in for a busy family of six in Central London.


I arrive at 7am.  The household is busy as the children are getting ready for school.  A quick briefing with the house manager, and then I take the children to school.  The children attend three different schools, so I have to make sure to allow for busy London traffic and delays to make sure we arrive to school at a prompt time.  The family nanny join us so I can take her to run some errands after school drop off.


I drop the nanny off at the uniform shop and return back to pick up my principal to take him to the office.

9am – 11am

I drop off the principal at his office and then go to collect the nanny, I take her to a number of other shops for appointments and to collect items for the children.


Dropping off the nanny at home, I pickup the principal’s wife to take her to her lunch appointment.  I drop her off and return back to the property.  Back at the property I do a deep clean of the Range Rover as it was used at the weekend for a shoot and it’s very muddy!


Lunch time, I eat with the other staff in the home.


I pickup the principals wife and return her home.  I then complete the clean of the Range Rover and book it in for a service.


I leave to go and pickup the children from school.  Once I have collected them all, I return them to their home.


I perform a stock take in the garage, making sure all car inventory items are in stock and up to date.  I re-order items which are running low.  I then collect the principal from his office and return him home.


Work day over, I do final checks and say goodbye to the household staff.


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