How To Love Your Housekeeping Job


Published on July 2, 2022

Are you a Housekeeper? Do you enjoy your job? Of course, we work for all different kinds of reasons. And enjoying it might not be the main priority on your list. But if you consider how many hours in a day, in a week, in a year, you will spend working. It is such a big part of your life. So it is important to find ways to enjoy it too. Do you know how to love your housekeeping job? Or do you struggle? Let us help you find your passion for your job again!

So how can you love your Housekeeping job (again)?

Don’t Settle For An Unsuited Role

Did you know exactly what your housekeeping job was going to be like when you applied for it? And when the job started? Do you find it now very different from what you originally thought it was going to be?

This happens quite a lot! And it can really make you quite unhappy in your job. Which is unhealthy and unsustainable for you. And also not good for your employer – as they will notice that you are unhappy too.

And perhaps you got a job because you really needed one. So you stopped being critical to make sure the job was actually right for you. There can be so many reasons a job is not right for you. You might be doing tasks you do not enjoy or are not your strongest point. You might have to travel a long time to get to work. Or the hours do not work for you. Whatever the reason is, it is important to know beforehand what does and does not work for you. To make sure you love your Housekeeping job again!

So a great way to avoid this is to be really realistic and clear with your expectation of a new job. Even though you might be desperate for a role. If the job really is not right for you – for whatever reason – it is not going to last.

Try and find some temporary housekeeping jobs whilst you are looking for a new full-time role.  That gives you a bit of breathing space. Firstly to give you the time to really only apply for the jobs you actually want. And to have some money coming in to keep you going. So that you do not settle for the job that is not right for you – and find a job you will love!

Restrict Travel Time

How long does it take you to get to work before your shift starts? And is it a stressful commute? Perhaps with a lot of traffic, or commuting in busy public transport? If it takes you over 20/30 minutes to get to and from work, it can really add to your stress levels.

It will mean you have to get up very early to be able to get ready. Chances are you are very stressed even before you start your day. You might be rushing around a lot, worried about delays and traffic.

And then by the time you have finished your busy housekeeping shift, you will have to do it all again. If you want to love your Housekeeping job, these things really matter. Maybe you actually enjoy the job, but the commute is wearing you down. So perhaps it’s time to find a similar role, with a shorter commute. Or would it be worth it for you to move closer to the job? All things to consider, to have a better work/life balance.

Take A Break

How often do you take a break whilst you are working? Did you know that UK government guidelines state that you are legally allowed to have at least one uninterrupted 20-minute break if you are working more than 6 hours in a row?

And it is really important to take that break, and switch off! Nobody can be ‘on’ all the time. Taking a break is important to clear your mind, rest your body, and recharge.

If possible, try to physically remove yourself from your workplace. Can you go for a stroll outside to get some fresh air? Even if it’s just popping into the garden. It’s important that you feel you can switch off for a moment. All of that is really important is how to love your housekeeping job. Otherwise, you will get overworked, stressed, and too tired!

Taking a break also means finishing work on time, and going on holiday every so often. Allow yourself to not work late every evening, or work every weekend. You need time to switch off, rest, and recover. And do some fun things not related to work too! If you are healthy, rested, and not overworked, you will enjoy your housekeeping job a lot more.

Focus On Your Best Skills

A final tip on how to love your housekeeping job is to make sure you are comfortable with the tasks you are doing each day. If you are in a housekeeping job that feels too challenging for you, chances are you will not at all enjoy it.

However, if you do tasks daily that you enjoy, and are really good at, it might sometimes not even feel like work at all!

For example, do you love cooking and food prep? Then find a housekeeping job where this is a part of the daily job tasks. You might not enjoy every second of your working day, but you will find yourself looking forward to the cooking part of your day.

Or, are you really not comfortable around pets? Then make sure to avoid households where there are pets. And especially if taking care of them is part of the job description! You are not going to help anyone by taking a job that does not match your skill set, and also your preferences.

Makes sure to focus on what you are good at, and enjoy doing. And you will find a way how to really love your housekeeping job!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you need some help in finding the perfect housekeeping job for you that you will love? Polo & Tweed can help! We have great part-time, full-time and temporary roles all over the world. We will make sure to understand your background and skills and listen to what sort of jobs you are looking for. And match you with the available roles accordingly. So why wait in finding your dream job? Contact one of our recruitment consultants now to find out more. And you will come to love your housekeeping job!


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