How Do You Become A Butler?


Published on February 10, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to become a butler? Has the idea of possibly working in luxurious homes or potentially going abroad with a principle ever appealed to you? Do you think you have the right traits and personality to be a qualified butler? This role is not for everyone, so think long and hard before committing yourself.

So how do you become a butler?

There is no set path to becoming a butler and many people will experience different journeys in order to become one. However, there are a few things you can do in order to stand out from the crowd and give yourself the best chance of landing a role. There are a series of training and certifications you can complete in order to learn the essential skills. This is particularly beneficial if you are completely new to the world of butlering. First of all, you need to ensure that you have the right characteristics for the role, as it isn’t for everyone.

Traits Of A Butler

It is vital that you possess the following traits if you want to pursue a career as a butler. If you don’t, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to stick with the role. Personality is a big factor as well because if you don’t have the right frame of my mind you won’t even enjoy the job.

The following are the traits of a good butler – Do these apply to your character?

  • Professionality
  • Being well presented at all times
  • Happy to be in the background – never in the forefront
  • A natural passion to provide great service
  • A natural passion to care for people
  • Being discreet and confidential
  • Have an excellent eye for detail
  • Being able to read signals and non-verbal communication
  • Pre-empt problems
  • A natural problem-solver
  • A positive outlook
  • A hard worker who doesn’t mind doing long hours.

It is not essential that you meet every requirement on the list. But it would put you in a fantastic position the more of these apply to you. If you struggle to be discreet, work hard or are not service orientated you will not enjoy the role very much. If you like to be the centre of attention also you will find it hard as a butler. This is because your role will be to serve your principal and be in the background, leaving little room for egos. Whereas, if these traits apply to you with some training and experience you could be a brilliant butler!

Training and Qualifications in Relevant Courses

If you are completely new and do not possess any experience in the field training is where you would start. There are a series of butler training available to you, so it is pivotal that you pick the one that suits you most and look for a well-respected course. Some are short term and others are more long term. However, the size of the course does not always mean they are better.

There are certain qualifications that you should really get under your belt. These certifications will provide you with sufficient knowledge in key areas and will look brilliant on your CV. A silver service qualification is one you should definitely look at completing, as this will provide you with priceless skills of butlering. House management courses would also put you in good stead, as most modern-day butlers often are given house management duties.

Having a well-rounded education as a butler will also make you stand out from the competition. So adding a course in food pairing, wine or more unique courses will make your CV jump out to possible employers. 

Experience In or Around The Field

Learning the tricks of the trade will come when you get some experience as a butler. Many people gain experience in hospitality and service by working in high-end restaurants or hotel. This is a good opportunity to gain some knowledge of hospitality and the regulations. However, there is a major difference between working in a hotel and being a butler. This is the bond that a butler has with the principle or household they are working for.

If you can secure a position in a large family this will be amazing experiences. Chances are you will be working with other members of staff who can help you. There is even the possibility the family may have a head butler who can help you grow into the role.

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