Candidate of the Month: Martin

Candidate of the Month

Published on July 25, 2023

We understand that our exceptional candidates are the heart and soul of our business as a recruiting and training firm. Every one of our applicants contributes something distinctive and exceptional to the domestic help profession. And they continually inspire us. We want to present you with some of our truly great candidates of the month because of this. Considering that they merit that time in the spotlight. Additionally, we are confident that they will inspire you in the same way that they inspire us.

Candidate of the Month of July: Martin

We are very proud to present Martin to you as our candidate for the month of July. Martin is a skilled and experienced Butler who has worked in private residences in the UK and abroad with an impressive career to date. Here are some of his quality tips for anyone starting, or working in the domestic staff industry.

What was your first ever job in the domestic industry?

My first job in the domestic industry was a two week mission in Saudi Arabia for a very high profile family who were hosting top VIP international guests.

What do you love about your job?

My job has given me the ability to travel the world, I’ve worked in 9 countries on 4 different continents and learnt another language fluently during this time. No two days are the same in this job and we have the ability to change our clients’ lives for the better.

Any advice for people looking to enter the industry?

Perhaps a controversial opinion but I would advise gaining experience in luxury hotels (preferably in more than one country in order to gain cultural experience) rather than only Butler schools. I would say the key areas to gain experience in are F&B,  housekeeping and guest relations, having experience in all these departments is a good base on which to build your career as a Butler.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Having spent most of my adult life overseas, I’m now taking my time to find a long term role as a house manager or senior butler. Once I have found this position I hope to stay in it for the next 5 years. I would also like to be in a position in which I can start passing on my knowledge and experience to up and coming domestic staff.

What is your advice for anyone working with an agency like Polo & Tweed?

Be honest and open about your history and experience, and also be honest about your expectations and requirements. It’s in the best interests of the agency to match you with a good employer. Have patience, trust the process and maintain good relations with agency consultants.

Any top tips for your job?

Work hard, show willingness and exude confidence. Networking is critical. The luxe domestic industry is a relatively small pond and from my experience, the majority of people in it are happy to offer guidance and share their experiences.

Did you love Martin’s story, and has it sparked an interest in the domestic industry for you? We can help! Why not contact us today to chat about what options there may be out there for you? Have a look at our training academy to get you started, or apply for any jobs you may be interested in straight away.

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