Staff To Help Transform Your Outside Space


Published on October 19, 2020

Is it time to start investing in your garden or outside space? We tend to focus a lot on making our house and indoor spaces look exactly the way we want to. But, even in colder weather, your outside space can really be an extension of your house and living space. So make sure you invest in staff to help transform your outside space. It can make all the difference!

What types of staff could help transform my outside space?


The first and probably most obvious member of staff you could consider for your outside space, is, of course, the gardener. A gardeners sole job is to look after, maintain and manage outdoor spaces. Gardeners are highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. So they will do an excellent job in all different types of settings.

If you want someone to completely transform your outside space, perhaps with a redesign and new plants and flowers. A gardener would be perfect for that. They come with all the knowledge of plants, soil, how to grow things best, and how to best utilise space.

Use your gardener to help create a space that you can enjoy all year round. They will have lots of ideas – and the skills to bring all your ideas together too.

A gardener can do any of the big heavy work, handling machinery and chopping wood. As well as the finer skills such as the overall design of the outside space, planting and caring for any shrubs plants and flowers you may have.

A gardener can either be full time, part-time or even just do ad hoc freelance hours. It is helpful though, for yourself and for your gardener, to give them a set schedule. Even if that only means the come in once a fortnight. It gives you both consistency and they can plan their work around the time they have, and when they can come back again.


A groundsman is quite similar to a gardener, and many people get them confused. You can read all the differences (and similarities!) in much more detail here. But in general, a groundsman is more in charge of maintenance, doing heavy machinery work, chopping wood. leaf blowing etc. Whereas a gardener might do all those things too – as well as being in charge of garden design. With the knowledge and skills of plants, flowers and shrubs.

So if you just need someone for maintenance in your garden, then a groundsman might be right for you. Deweeding, maintaining trees and wood, leaf blowing etc. All things groundsman can do for you to make sure your garden or outside space stays up to date and well maintained.

Domestic Couple

Did you know a domestic couple can be a great solution for many tasks you need doing around the house? Domestic couples come in all different types of setups. But it is very common for a domestic couple to consist of a housekeeper/gardener team.

So if you are looking for two members of staff, one being a gardener or groundsman. Then looking into the options for a domestic couple could be a great option.

Before you do, just make sure you really understand what things are extremely important to you. If you are looking for an outstanding gardener, then make sure the person in the domestic couple indeed comes from that background and has solid experience in it. Many couples will have worked for previous households where they had lots of different tasks. So they might have done a bit of upkeep of the outside space, and mowing the lawn. But they might actually not have the gardening knowledge and experience you are truly after.

So just make sure you are clear in what you need, and only select those candidates who match that description.


A housekeeper is a final option fo a member of staff who could help out in the garden. However, there is a reason this is mentioned as the final option in this article. In general, gardening and outside work tasks are not including in a housekeeper’s job.

Depending on the size and set up of your house, chances are they are already occupied full time with all the indoor housekeeping tasks.

So do not assume, or expect that your housekeeper is also able to take on any gardening tasks too. However, on some occasions, a housekeeper might be able to help out with certain small tasks in the garden.

If the housekeeper works in a team of housekeepers, it is more likely that they will have time to do some outdoor work, clearing up, cutting the lawn, too. But please make sure that is this very clear in the job description. Many people underestimate how longs household tasks can take, especially when executing them well. So if gardening is your priority, you really should look at any of the other options mentioned above. If it’s just to odd bit of clearing up around the garden – and your housekeeper has plenty of time – then you could consider asking your housekeeper to take on those tasks.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

Are you now ready to hire a member of staff to transform your garden? But not sure how or where to start? Polo & Tweed can help! Our highly experienced recruitment consultants are here to speak to you, to identify the issues, and see what can be done. We only have the best gardeners, groundsmen, domestic couples as well as housekeepers on our books who all come with many years of experience and many different skills. So we will be able to find the right people for you with ease. Why not contact us now to see how we can help!

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