Gardening Tips For Absolute Beginners


Published on October 7, 2020

Are you a keen gardener? Or could you do with all the gardening tips you can get your hands on? Not to worry follow these simple gardening tips suited for absolute beginners. And you will also be able to turn your outside space into a lovely, colourful garden to be enjoyed all year round.

Make A Plan

A very first thing you want to do before you start gardening is making a plan. What do you want your garden to look like? And more importantly, how do you want to use it?

Do you, for example, like entertaining in your garden? Then make sure you have a designated space for this. You want to have space for a table and chairs, perhaps some sort of barbeque too. So then you might not be looking at getting loads of plants, but more in creating space for people to comfortably sit and stand.

But perhaps you have pets and/or kids who love running around? Then you might want to look at a nice patch of grass! If you do not want the maintenance of real grass, look into some of the fake grass alternatives. There are some great options out there nowadays, such as astroturf.

If you like lots of colours and perhaps want to help nature a bit, why not look into getting wildflowers. They are a great way to attract bees into your garden and help support the bee community. Besides that, wildflowers are very easy to maintain and they give a great colourful display!

Understand Soil

Before you start picking plants and flowers, understand your soil. Take some time in finding out or asking a professional what type of soil you have in the ground. Different plants work better on different soil. So make sure you match it with what you have! If you re still set on a particular type of flower or plant, you can always choose to but suitably sized pots so that you can control the type of soil going in.

Stay On Top Of Weeds

As a beginner gardener, you will very soon realise that weeds will become a big part of your life. And it is important to keep on top of it. However boring or tough this work may be!

It is best to remove weeds fully, at the root. Otherwise, they will grow back quicker than you can blink! But not only be diligent on removing weeds, keep at it too. The battle with weeds it all about consistency. Just make sure that every time you are in your garden, you set some time aside for de-weeding. It will really be worth it. Because if you will leave them to grow, it can become an enormous, if not impossible, task to get rid of them again.

Label Your Plants

Getting excited about planting loads of new flowers, herbs, seeds and vegetables? Great! But when they are all still small little plants or seeds – they will all look like each other. Even when they will grow taller it can still be difficult to tell them apart.

So before you start planting everything – create labels! Make sure that, if you keep your plants outside, that they are weatherproof. Nothing worse than your label completely disintegrating in the rain. So make sure you use some sturdy material and waterproof marker to label your plants. This way you can give the right type of care for the right plants. And have them grown successfully!

Be Careful With New Plants

When you buy new plants you might want to plant them straight away. Which is great – you do not want to leave them in their plastic temporary pot for too long.

But just make sure you are really careful when you are taking the young plants out of the pots. Their roots will not be strong at all yet and their stems can break very easily. So instead of pulling the plant straight out of the pot, turn the pot upside down. Then gently squeeze the plastic pot until the plant will come out. This way you do not have to pull on the plant itself with the risk of breaking it!

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Did you find these gardening tips for absolute beginners helpful? Or do you still feel like you need more professional help? Why not consider hiring a gardener! Gardeners do not have to be full time, they do part-time and ad hoc hours too. So whatever the size of your outside space, your gardener can take care of it for you. Give us a call now to find out what options might be suited for you. And let the gardener worry about your outside space!

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