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Published on July 2, 2020

Are you working as a Housekeeper, or perhaps considering a career as a Housekeeper? It is important to know what your career progression options as a Housekeeper would be. You might be very happy in your job, but knowing how you can grow and progress can be an exciting thing. Career progression can lead to more money and more job satisfaction. And it can also really act as a motivator too for you to work harder and smarter to get where you want to be.

So what are your career progression options as a Housekeeper?

Why Progress Your Career?

Firstly, before we look at what kind of options there are out there for you to progress your career as a Housekeeper. It is important to know what the motivation for career progression is. Some Housekeepers might be perfectly happy in their job, and that is amazing. Work should not only be about making money to pay your bills, but also about getting satisfaction out of your job.

If you love your job, you really enjoy working as a Housekeeper and your aim is not to make more money, than you probably don’t have to look at career progression options as a Housekeeper.

However if you want to develop and grow further, make more money or become higher up in the industry, then looking at your options – and how to get there – is the right thing for you.

Career progression really doesn’t always have to be money-driven. You might simply enjoy taking on a leadership role. Or take on more tasks besides your Housekeeping tasks. Or inspire the next generation of Housekeepers and get them ready for a bright future. Whatever your motivation is, it is personal for each and every single Housekeeper. As long as you are happy in your job and making enough money for what you feel is right, that is really all that matters.

Head Housekeeper

A first natural way of career progression as a Housekeeper is to work your way up to become a Head Housekeeper. Being a Head Housekeeper can be a really exciting and rewarding job. Especially if you like guiding people if you are highly organised and like planning.

As a Head Housekeeper, it would simply mean that you work in a household with at least one other Housekeeper under your supervision. You will be in charge of everything in the Housekeeping department, and your Housekeeper is there to help you make sure all tasks are completed.

Besides your normal housekeeping tasks (because you will still be doing these!) you will find yourself rota and schedule planning for your housekeeper(s), training new housekeepers who come to work at the household. And you might even be in charge of, or a part of sickness cover, and interviewing new Housekeepers. When there is an issue, the Principal or manager will come to you, for you to deal with. Whether that means for you to fix it yourself or to solve the issue with one of your Housekeepers.

A Head Housekeeper position requires lots of experience as a Housekeeper, in different types of households. But you should also have great communication, delegation and planning and organisational skills. A great Head Housekeeper is a master in delegating tasks, whilst getting stuck in themselves too. You motivate and support your housekeeping team to make sure that all housekeeping services are delivered to the best possible standard.

House Manager

Another great way of career progression as a Housekeeper is to work your way up to become a House Manager. As a House Manager, you will no longer be doing the nitty-gritty housekeeping tasks, like scrubbing the bathroom, on a daily.

The role of a House Manager can be extremely varied, but you are essentially in charge of the daily running of the household. As well as managing all the staff – not just the Housekeepers. You would ensure good general upkeep and maintenance of the property and the gardens or land.

Managing staff comes down to lots of different things. You would monitor their work, to make sure the work is up the highest expected standard. You will also be in charge of general administration and managing budgets, payroll, and liaising with contractors.

As a House Manager, and it is important to have great leadership and communication skills, understand the managing of budgets and payroll, but also know the ins and outs of private households. If you are looking for a House Management position, it will definitely be worth it to invest in a House Management training course. As it fully prepares you for all the tasks that you might not be too sure about.

Housekeeper Trainer

Would you love to inspire the next generation of Housekeepers? Do you love teaching people new skills, do you have a lot of patience? And are you comfortable speaking in front of groups? Then becoming a Housekeeper trainer might be an exciting career progression for you!

As a Housekeeper Trainer, you could be working with any type of set up. From groups of people from all different backgrounds to seasoned Housekeepers who need refined training. You might go into private households to observe and assess what the staff could do better, how to work more efficiently. Or you might be teaching a group of people the practical skills of Housekeeping.

To become a Housekeeper trainer, you need to have many years’ experience in the industry. Ideally, you should have worked in many different households, yachts, hotels, chalets – the more variety the better. You should be confident in speaking and showcasing skills in front of groups and have excellent communication skills.

Patience is extremely important too! Not everyone learns at the same pace, so taking the time to make sure all your students understand the learning material is very important too.

A Housekeeping Training role can be a really exciting form of career progression as a Housekeeper. But it is definitely most suited for people who have had a long career as a Housekeeper already. And it will likely always be a part-time, role on-call basis, as and when courses and training are required.

How can Polo & Tweed help?

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